Travelling to Malaysia On a budget? Check out Malacca

If you are travelling to Malaysia on a budget, then Malacca needs to be on your list. Also known as Melaka, this place is listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site for its churches, government buildings, squares, and fortifications. Malacca is throbbing with a mixture of various cultures. Divided by the river Melaka, it has Chinese ethos on the eastern side and European history on the western side. This diversity has attracted many new visitors, contributing greatly to the growth of Malaysian tourism.

Why visit Malacca?

Malacca offers you almost everything that any other major tourist destination offers. From the style to the food, culture and sightseeing, Malacca has it all and cheaper than big cities like Kula Lumpur, making it great for visiting Malaysia on a budget. With so many things to do, Malacca offers you a beautiful experience on a small budget.

Getting to Malacca

You can reach Malacca from the Kuala Lumpur airport via bus or car rental and is a two-hour journey. You can also start from the Changi Singapore airport as it only takes four hours from there. Once there you can find affordable Malacca homestays, as many homeowners offer their houses as hostels. Look for accommodations near or on Jonker street as most of the historic places are nearby. Since Malacca is small, you can easily hop around by foot.

Best places to visit in Malacca

Jonker Street

Travelling to Malaysia On a budget? Check out Malacca!

Jonker Street lights up at night. Here you can find affordable food, souvenirs and atmosphere. Architecture from the 17th-century lines the street and you can also find the amalgamation of Portuguese and Chinese tradition.

Christ Church Melaka

Travelling to Malaysia On a budget? Check out Malacca!

Located in Dutch square, Christ church Melaka is a favourite destination for tourists. With a beautiful backdrop of flowers and lush lawn, this orange Protestant church really stands out. Note, photography is not allowed inside the church.

A’famosa fort

Built by Alfonso de Albuquerque in 1511, it is one of the oldest remaining European buildings to be found in Southeast Asia. The gate stands tall displaying an enigma of history and perseverance. This remaining architectural gate is a gentle reminder of Malacca’s intense past.

Melaka river cruise

Travelling to Malaysia On a budget? Check out Malacca!

A must visit during the evening time. This ride gives a view of the beautiful city and its glorious past. The colours at the night-time are enchanting.


Located on the Dutch square, it is a town hall and showcases the Portuguese history. Inside the hall, there are various historical relics, tombstones and a well. It is one of the oldest Dutch buildings in Asia and is famously known for its red exterior and the clock tower situated near it. Located at the heart of Malacca, it is a beautiful piece of history. 

Dutch square

The centre place in Malacca is surrounded by the Christ church, Stadthyus, Queen Victoria Fountain and the Tan BengSwee clock tower, which you can flock around.


This is just a taste of the many places you might visit in Malacca, Malaysia on a budget. It is a place with diverse and multicultural heritage, has great food, amazing views, and ancient history. Malacca should be on your list of top five places to visit in Malaysia.

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