How to Make Money When Travelling on a Small Budget

People spend eons saving for that single trip to a world heritage site or a famed tour destination, don’t become a beg-packer. The arduous saving is complicated by the daily hustles of life because the bills will not hibernate for you to save. At the end you discover you have managed some saving for the trip but it will not be exactly what you imagined. When travelling on a small budget, the last thing you want to encounter is running out of cash before the end of your trip, or arriving home to an empty bank account and screaming utilities. If you travel frequently, you can earn some income and enjoy your trip all the more and ensure that your coffers don’t run dry.

A Digital Nomad never lacks

Do you have a laptop or smartphone? Can you use them besides checking mail, ordinary surfing on social media and making calls? A digital nomad makes use of the World Wide Web to accomplish tasks, invest and earn some income. No need for savvy coding skills or advanced computer skills: all you need to do is learn about freelancing and take up tasks whether tutoring, article writing or photography.

Blogging is also another way to use the web and internet to earn income online. Shop for a reliable web hosting company and website designer and you are good to go. As long as you have reliable hosting and can keep content trickling on your site, you will get advertisers knocking on your door. The ads they will run on your site will add some bucks into your wallet. Identify an area you can write in or even do photography. Promote your posts on social media and watch traffic going to your site. The more traffic, the more your site will rank and the more advertisers will be keen to advertise on it. Such tools include Google Adsense and Google Adwords. With Adsense, a special code that is placed on your site will earn you some income whenever someone clicks on it.

When your website has gained sufficient rating and traffic, you can be paid for sponsored posts on your blog. When you invest in a quality camera, combine that with a good website and income will trickle as tourism boards, magazines, outdoor branding companies and book publishers purchase your photos.

You can also approach companies and ask about longer term brand ambassadorships. These involve an agreement to have regular posts, promoting their posts on social media, article writing or photography for them on your site for some period not below three months. When you post affiliate links on your website and a customer purchases the product, you get a small cut. This does not affect the price of the product for the customer but earns you some income because they accessed the product through your site. Such companies include,, and

Another way to earn some income on the move is Link Building. This involves adding company articles, products or websites back link on your posts. They pay some cash because it improves their search engine results and get more traffic to their sites or even get a complete purchase of their product.

If you are good at Public Speaking, you can pre-arrange to speak at conferences or seminars in your destination place. With a great website or just on social media, you can share posts about your past speaking events and get invitations coming your way. Do not just use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to catch up with the news or your role models. Use the same sites to advertise yourself, post your oncoming trips and you could even get the trip paid for by the conference organizers.

There are many ways to earn income online as you travel. You can also trade online ad use some bit of your savings to earn some profits. Visit the CMC Markets website frequently and get insights as to the trends in CFDs and Forex as well as secure and current tools to learn about online trading and what to watch out for. Accurate and updated tools will ensure you protect your hard earned cash.

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