Mad dash home

This post is a long time coming. There are a few reasons for putting it off so long. Summer has finally arrived in Vancouver and with that, a steady stream of visitors. Being active outdoors has become a priority so that factors in. Possibly concluding this write up of our trip could be too much to bare. Also, I’m pretty lazy. Yes many factors however the truth just may boil down to embarrassment.

We slowly made our way to the Honolulu airport after having a long and enjoyable last meal with Justin and Allison. We stopped for gas on the way to the airport and chit chatted with the car rental attendant before taking a shuttle bus to our flights check in counter. We arrived exactly 2.5 hours before our flight to find the attendants at the counter packing up for the night. They were confused as to why we were there. “Are you here for the 6:00 am flight?” she asked. “No, the 10:30 pm flight to Vancouver…” I replied with a sinking feeling in my gut. She informed us that there was no such thing. As Erin started to convenience them that there was indeed a 10:30 flight I quietly realized what I had done. For some reason we had it in our heads that our flight was a red eye at 10 pm so when I lazily checked in online I had mistaken 20:30 as 10:30 pm. This realization was quiet embarrassing being seasoned travelers and especially sad when all my clocks and phone are set to 24 hour time. The staff working was doing what they could to get us on the flight (which was set to leave in 25 minutes) including annoy Erin. One of the attendants kept repeating herself saying that just because we checked in online didn’t mean we didn’t have to be there 2 hours early for an international flight. Erin finally said, as polity as she could under the circumstance, that we appreciated what they were doing however repeating that was not going to change the fact that we were an hour and a half late. With that out they seemed to work a little faster and after throwing our bags on the conveyor belt told us to run to our gate as boarding was on last call. We thanked them and made our way to security, pushing our way to the front of the line. Sure enough our gate was at the other end of the terminal. We ran (Erin in flip flops) madly to our gate. It may as well have been on another island. The whole time we were in disbelief that they actually let us on this flight. Memories of the only other time we missed a flight came to mind. We were an hour early and could not get on that flight. Ironically it was to go to the Dominican for Justin and Allison’s wedding.

The only other time I missed a flight was after sleeping in at a friends place. He had set the alarm wrong. Alcohol may have been a factor. It was Christmas time and I was going to visit my family in Ontario. I called my mother to tell her the bad news. “Ho ho ho, merry Christmas!” she said as she answered. “Ummmm hey” I replied. When she realized it was me and that I was supposed to be somewhere over northern Saskatchewan by then she let out an “oh Fuck.” Merry Christmas indeed. Thankfully this time there was no “Oh fuck” moment.

It was not the way we wanted to conclude our relaxing week in Hawaii and an overall amazing trip. Never a dull moment.

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