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Retirement is great. I have spent the last couple weeks fishing, golfing, passing gas…You know, that old chestnut. After Toronto I headed back to Sarnia via VIA rail. It was pretty nice being on a train again, definitely my favorite way to travel.

In Sarnia I ate and golfed. Anne and Mike were kind enough to lend me their van as they were taking their other vehicle north again. I headed to London to visit with Erin where we golfed and ate…and drank and played golden tee. I then headed north to bug my grandparents once again. I was looking to relax there but no such luck. Don’t let anyway tell you retirement is easy or boring. I was up everyday by 8:00 the latest and did something. Whether it was fishing with my uncle, squash with my aunt, or breakfast with my grandparents, it was fun and worth the early rise. One day I went off-roading on quads with my uncle Paul and grandfather. So much fun. We would pass by a creek or a field and I would think to myself, “wow this is beautiful”… and then I would run it over! Something funny and extremely manly about that.

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One spontaneous thing I did while there was book a ticket to St.Johns…one way. There was a good seat sale on so I did it. Now what to do in the meantime? I’m off to Sarnia once again to drop off the van. I see golf and food in my future. Retirement is great.


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