Lord Tundren 2

Lord Tundren

Good God. I said it before and I will say it again, St.John’s is awesome. One thing I wanted to get out of all this traveling was to be more open and approachable to strangers…in a good way. Its pretty easy to so that on George Street. I headed down for a few drinks by myself and by the end of the night I knew half the town thanks to some friendly flight attendants I had met. The next day I slept.

That night I headed out to see a band I had shared a stage with at a music festival in Yellowknife years ago. Small world. After that I ran into the flight attendants and that was the end of me. With less than an hours sleep I cabbed it to the airport for an early flight to Halifax. There, un-showered and still feeling the effects of the night prior, I met up with my aunt Alison and Uncle Paul. They could tell I hadn’t slept so I must have looked as bad as I felt. Rough day ahead me thinks…

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