Discovering Kimberley Cruises – A Uniquely Australian Experience

I have been very fortunate to experience some incredible cruises in my travels. From the Rhine and Danube in Europe to island hopping in the Caribbean, I thought I experienced it all. Turns out, one of the most incredible cruise destinations just popped on my radar and is now on my travel bucket list. Read on for my Kimberley cruises discovery and why I need to check it out ASAP.

Cruising in Australia?

When I think about Australia my mind immediately goes to the outback, koalas, and the kangaroos that call it home. Although I have driven the Great Ocean Road, cruising Australia’s coastline never crossed my mind. That is until I stumbled on images of sailing the northeast coast, the Kimberly cruises in particular.

With blue and green waters contrasted by red rocky cliffs, I immediately asked myself “What is this magical place and why have I not visited it yet??”

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Where is The Kimberley?

The Kimberley is the northernmost region of Western Australia making it one of the most isolated areas in the country. That is saying a lot given Australia’s vast and empty outback. That said, the Kimberly coastline is dotted with some 2,500 islands that are only accessible by boat or helicopter. This makes taking a cruise through the area the most comfortable way to discover this highly untouched part of Australia and the world.

Cruises typically run between Darwin and Broome Australia with plenty of stops and sightseeing along the way. Along with sea birds and saltwater crocodiles, sightings of humpback whales, turtles, and dolphins are common along this route.

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Although the isolation adds to the appeal, it is the Kimberley’s natural beauty got my attention. From its unique geological rock formations to the cascading waterfalls flowing over them, there is much to take in. Add to it wildlife that can only be found in Australia and you have the potential for one of the most memorable experiences in the country.

Don’t just take my words and shared images on this. Check out this incredible overview of what to expect with Kimberley cruises:

What You Will See on The Kimberley Cruises

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Choosing a Kimberly Cruises Tour Operator

When it comes to the Kimberley Cruises, there are several luxury cruise operators to choose from. Ponant’s Kimberley cruises stand out for several reasons. Aside from offering tour guides that are highly knowledgable of the region, Ponant ships are modern and comfortable. After a day exploring the area by Zodiacs, the best way to access the Kimberley sights, you can enjoy high-end facilities such as a spa and swimming pool. Cap of an amazing day with a dinner service that features French wines and cuisine. Also, having an open bar onboard is never a bad thing…

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Kimberley Cruises, You’re on the List!

With its uniquely Australian natural beauty and isolation, the appeal to visiting the Kimberley is high. Add to that the chance to explore it all in a comfortable luxury cruise ship that also offers personal experiences with its guided tours and I can definitely see a return to Australia is in my future.

What say you? Have you heard of the Kimberley or are you discovering it for the first time like me? If you have been lucky enough to visit this isolated part of Australia, is it as magical as it looks? Do you have any tips or recommendations to pass along? Let me know in the comments below!

Thoughts on The Kimberley Cruises?
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