Just your typical Type A Procrastinator…

Just your typical Type A Procrastinator...

Well it turns out my last minute efforts to apply for the Island Caretaker job were indeed too late. My entry, although hiiiilllarrrious, was over the allotted 60 second time frame (by a mere 0.25 seconds) and therefore was rejected. By the time I got the email notifying me of such the deadline had passed and it was too late to re-submit. Le sigh.

To you my 5 or so loyal readers I say this, please remain calm. Before you go and do something drastic like cancel your subscription to Cricket World Magazine or boycott the marsupial exhibit at your local zoo I must tell you this… It was my fault. Shocking I know. Even though my video editing software said 1:00 minute exactly and theirs said otherwise…it is still my fault. Being the classic Type A procrastinator that I am (I’m not even sure there is such a thing as a Type A procrastinator…I will look it up…later…) I left this till the last minute which gave me no time to fix and re-submit.

Now you may want to sit down for this next bit…realistically I knew that my chances of even cracking the top 50 were slimmer than slim. GASP! Bite your tongue you say? You were a shoe in you say?? Well thank you but you are too kind. Now that the Top 50 candidates have been selected I can say that the competition was fierce. There are a ton of great video applications that took people much more than an evening and a jar of Vegemite to make. I will be big about this and I ask you to do the same…SO PLEASE do not send that hate mail to Paul Hogan…his mail box is already full.

Here are a few of my favorite applications that made the top 50 including a couple from Canada:

Are you kidding? A freaking musical? wow. –> http://www.islandreefjob.com/#/Mitchell

Home grown –> http://www.islandreefjob.com/#/Linda

Im pretty sure the Russian govt funded this one: –> http://www.islandreefjob.com/#/Julia

Wow. –> http://www.islandreefjob.com/#/Marcella

I hope to dive into why I have been so busy on my next post…Can you believe it is March already!?!?

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