Its a beautiful day in the Gayborhood…

Its a beautiful day in the Gayborhood... 1

Yes a beautiful day in the Gayborhood…won’t you be my gaybor?

This is just a quick update to say we have arrived and are enjoying our temp accommodations very much. For the next 3 months or so we will be in between homes. The place we bought in Vancouver is a new development and will not be ready until November at the earliest…more on that later. Originally we were going to stay an extra month or so in Edmonton and live at a friends place but that didn’t fly with my new job so they opted to put us up for a few months in temporary accommodations here Vancouver. Not too shabby. The only problem with that is we had already decided to breakup our homelessness by spending about 20 days in the fall couch surfing at family and friends places in Ontario. Work was accommodating and gave me the holiday time and covered my hotel before and after the trip. Not too shabby at all.

View from our apartment balcony. Soon to change to the ocean side as we upgrade tomorrow. Pics to follow. So here we are in Vancouver at our very nice (but very small) apartment style hotel room smack dab in the middle of the Vancouver’s Gay district.Let me just say, for such a health conscious and trendy group of men in this area, they sure know how to eat. For the past week Erin and I have literally eaten our way through the gayborhood. Sunday night was Sushi, Monday was Thai. Tuesday was Indian, Wednesday Mexican and Thursday was Greek. All of it amazing and all of it within a 2 block radius from our hotel. On top of that there is 2 fresh fruit markets within a block (one in the hotel lobby) and a bakery…not that we will get much use out of those at this rate. Also there are trendy shops and cafes on every corner, cleverly named nightclubs+ very close proximity to a beach and the sea wall.All and all it has been an amazing stay and I could really get used to this life style. If this is what being gay is all about then sign me up!

For just arriving to town we have a very busy few weeks ahead of us starting with a last minute visit by friends from Calgary. It’s odd that we have house guests with out actually having a house yet. Many updates to follow over the next few weeks however I must go back to before the whole move came about as it has been a very busy 2009. Posts dated back to February to follow…






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