Is WestJet Premium Economy Worth it?

This WestJet Premium Economy post was last updated in October 2022

When checking in for a return flight from Ottawa to Vancouver Erin and I snapped up $99 upgrades to WestJet Premium Economy. With the promise of extra legroom, and included meals, and drinks, I also sought out to see if WestJet Premium Economy is worth it. After checking out Norwegian Airlines’ premium product I have wondered how Canada’s favourite not-a-discount airline compares. Let’s find out.

How Do I Book WestJet Premium Economy?

Officially called WestJet Plus, this Premium Economy service is available at the time of booking but for an over-inflated price. I checked at the time of my booking and it was over $250 more per ticket.


At the time of check-in (within 24 hours of flight), however, it dropped to $99. ?

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Route: Ottawa to Vancouver
Aircraft: Boeing 737
Seat: 2A
Highlights: Open bar
Low lights: Tablecloth


WestJet Plus seats are no different than those found in economy aside from a little more legroom (36 inches). What really sets them apart is the middle seat or lack of one. Much like I found on my Turkish Airline short-haul business class review, WestJet Premium Economy blocks out the middle seat for extra comfort.

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What Is Service Like On Westjet Plus?

Service on WestJet Premium Economy, although better than Economy, is hard to call it “Premium.” Upon boarding you will find a small bottle of water at your seat along with a menu highlighting the meal and drinks service – the latter I will circle back to.

Besides that, the only extra would be the oversize napkin of a “tablecloth“ that optionally is placed for meal service.

Also when considering if WestJet Premium Economy is worth it, I should note that it does not get you lounge access. I wouldn’t normally think it would, however, Norwegian Airlines Premium Economy got me access to the OneWorld Lounge at LAX so I have questioned other airlines since.

What Is The Food Like on WestJet Plus?

The “premium“ service continues with the boxed lunch. Although similar (if not the same) options are available in Economy, the box lunch is included with a WestJet Premium Economy ticket. As is that beautiful tablecloth 🙂

With a five-hour flight that had us arriving early evening on a Saturday, Erin and I shifted our focus to making WestJet Premium Economy worth it through the bar.

Although there are no notable craft beers beyond Granville Island (which is owned by a beer conglomerate), they were plentiful. After a Caesar (Canada’s cocktail) then several Pale Ales, we noticed the attendant was less frequent with her rounds. Then she actually brought us a beer to split rather than each our own. I didn’t think of it much until Erin ordered us a couple of Gin and Tonics and was questioned whether we were driving once we landed or not! ?



To celebrate Westjet’s inaugural 787 Dreamliner they have added a craft brew to their menu! Thanks to a partnership with Big Rock you can now order Dream Craft, an “All Canadian Ale,” for a limited time.

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What Is The In-Flight Entertainment Like on WestJet Plus?

The in-flight entertainment system in WestJet premium economy is the same self-service as found in Economy. No extra points here.

Through the WestJet app, you also have access to plenty of free movies and TV shows to watch using your own device.

Overall Impressions of WestJet Plus?

So, is WestJet’s premium economy worth it? If you asked the two giggling adults that stumbled their way to a taxi stand that day in Vancouver, WestJet Premium Economy is worth it for sure.

If you don’t plan on making up the value in drinks as we did then I would say only upgrade at the day of rate and if it is a long flight. $100 for an included meal (snack), plenty of drinks, and extra legroom is a great deal. An extra $250 at the time of booking, not at all.

Update 2020

I have flow WestJet Plus a few times since this post and would like to update a few things here. Thanks all for the emails and comments! Keep them coming!

Improved Meals

Since my first post, WestJet Plus food and drink service are now much better. Gone are the paper towel table clothes and generic menu. There are now hot meal items available that are “off-menu” as well as craft beer. There’s also a nice snack box handed out as well as some Canadiana in their dessert offering.

That said, is it still worth the upgrade fee? This is a much-needed update to WestJet’s Premium Economy offering, however, it is not enough to push me over the top with their initial sticker price.

Upgrade Lockdown

On that note, I have had a couple of flights now where, despite seats being available when inquiring at the gate, my ticket class would not allow for an upgrade. This happens if you buy the absolute lowest value option when purchasing seats. Unfortunate and hard to get around if you book seat sales and try and upgrade later!

What say you?
Is WestJet Premium Economy Worth the Upgrade to you?
Let’s hear it!

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So how does this WestJet Premium Economy Review rank?

7 Seats
7 Service
5 Food & Drink
7 Entertainment
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19 replies on “Is WestJet Premium Economy Worth it?”
  1. Avatarsays: Trevor

    Hi Shaun. I recently flew 4 West Jet Premium Economy segments (within Canada and from/to LAX) with connecting flights to SYD. Prior to this travel I had read your above review – as I had not heard of West Jet (they were part of my QF itinerary).
    I generally found the service, seats, food, and staff good – and probably above my expectation for a low-cost carrier.
    My only issue was on my Calgary to Ottawa flight. I believe I got the same FA as you (in fact, following the incident, I had flash backs to your above review). After 2 GnTs in the first 2 hours – I asked for another GnT. The FA (let’s call her ‘Mary’ – who had earlier told the entire plane she had been with West Jet for 22 years) abruptly advised me that she would not be serving me another drink as that would be my third ordered in 2 hours, and “was I driving?” (which I wasn’t – but that was irrelevant, and we still had 2 hours to go). Seeing the stunned look on my face from her comment, I later had a very strong conversation with Mary.
    I did wonder if this was a West Jet (unwritten) policy on the responsible service of alcohol – however, I had no similar issues on the other 3 flights, so can only assume Mary must have thought she was the Plane Police – however probably needs to retire (or rephrase her statements to passengers).
    Other then that one issue – I would fly West Jet again.

    1. Avatarsays: Shaun

      That’s too funny. Weird that this is a common complaint but glad to hear it was a good experience otherwise.

  2. Avatarsays: Steven Brown

    Thanks for the great travel tips! I am a college student and in my free time I write my blog about life hacks that students can use to save some money and have fun. You had great advice that even I didn’t know about. I usually write about tips about education, how to reduce study load and stress levels.

  3. Avatarsays: Vivien

    Last time I flew Premium class with Western I spent 905 of the flight with the chair in front of me practically in my lap. I could have braided the woman’s hair. I could not reach my bag on the floor and had to push the whole chair as hard as I could to get my table out. Airline staff could not have cared less.
    Only other choice are the front seats, but they are the ones used for families traveling with babies

  4. Avatarsays: James Lindsay

    Flew to Pueto Vallarta in Jan. on WJ premium economy. It was regular economy seats with a tray in the middle seat. Complete waste of money. They show all these fancy seats on the internet but what we were on was an old Boeing 737 – 700 or 800 not sure. Flew to NZ on NZ air, premium economy and it was like first class. TV’s, food was incredible, seats were like easy chairs in your living room that came up under your legs, blankets, eye masks, warm socks and ear plugs all supplied and top of the line ear phones. They need to take some lessons if they are going to advertise premium when it is not.

    1. Hey James, thanks for the comment.

      The images you see in WestJet advertisements are of their brand new 787 Dreamliners. They could probably do a better job sharing where these fly but their website does show the routes so suggest checking this out ahead of time to avoid supprises. That said, for the most part, these aircraft only fly transatlantic flights. Most airline premium economy (and business class) on their short-haul flights are very similar to WestJet’s 737 offerings. You can check out my reviews of Turkish Air and Egypt air where I flew both transatlantic and short-haul. I would think that if you took an Air New Zealand flight within the country it would be the same.

      Safe travels!

  5. Sorry to hear Glenn. There is value if you know what you are getting and premium economy doesn’t = lay flatbeds. That said, I would suggest only booking premium economy within 24-hours or at the customer service desk if the price is right.

    If you are interested in a Westjet business class experience they did just start offering that in their new 787 Dreamliners. I hope to check it out soon and will be sharing a post on my thoughts so be sure to check back!

  6. Avatarsays: Ken Pisichko

    You seem to want to “gouge” the airline by drinking a LOT. Why not just take economy and buy your Gin and tonic water at a market after you land. Oh, and eat an Impossible Burger too – if you can find one.
    I personally fly premium economy and business (usually on BA) overseas for COMFORT, and do not try to gouge. Yes, I look for a bargain, but comfort is KING, not the booze.
    No drinking and driving for me, either

    1. Hey Ken, thanks for the comment! I highly recommend you indulge in a cocktail or two on your next flight. It may help take that edge off 😉

      Agreed, comfort is king, With Westjet’s premium economy though, the difference in seats is minimal. This means if you are asking if the service is worth it, you might want to look at what else that price tag gets you.

      Safe travels!

      1. Avatarsays: Charles

        Hi Shaun,

        Did I read that right that the drinks are unlimited?

        How about the food, so they allow for a second sandwich?

        Great article, btw, thank you!

        1. Avatarsays: Shaun

          Thanks Charles. Yup, open bar. The food is not but I am sure you can ask for seconds. I will test this out this weekend when I fly with them and report back!

        2. Hey Charles! I took Westjet Premium a couple of weeks back again and they have stepped up their game! I will be doing an update to this post and a new one to cover the changes. Till then I can confirm you can pick now from dedicated hot meals for premium-class as well as anything off of the regular menu. You can ask for additional food.

          1. Avatarsays: Glenn

            Hi Shaun
            My daughter flew on the westjet flight from YYC to Dublin. I booked the flight for here in premium economy costing me 3 times the amount vs economy. I thought that it would be the bigger seats with great recline. Apparently, they are like the reg economy seats with the middle seat blocked off.. no meals as well from Halifax to Dublin. She,s pissed as am I. Never will happen again with westjet.

          2. Avatarsays: Heath


            I would be pissed.

            Especially with the photos showing normal first class styel seat.


            The “plus” is the same as this “Premium cabin”? it looks like it is marketed as a First Class/Delta Premium Economy seat… with business class like Delta one…

            If this plus you are talking about is the “Premium cabin” what a scam!

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