Is Mykonos Also a Family Destination?

Mykonos is a true Cycladic gem It’s known around the globe for the intense Mykonos nightlife and the cosmopolitan crowd. However, the island is filled with versatile options for those wishing to combine luxury with a tranquil family vacation. Read on for what makes Mykonos also a family destination.

Mykonos Luxury Accommodation Are BIG

Villas in Mykonos are what dreams are made of. Enjoy your time with your family in the queen of the Aegean in a Luxury villa tailored to your needs.

The island has anything and everything to offer. Vogue style villas await to become your home away from home. The choices are limitless. From small intimate homes to 6 or more bedroom villas, there is plenty of space to spread out. Enjoy a stay with friends while the children run in the yard or enjoy their time in an infinity pool.

Locations also vary depending on your Mykonos holiday style. Whether you want to be within a 5-minute radius from Little Venice or in a secluded area, you have options. If you would like your children to have a beach view or be on a hillside luxury home, Mykonos has you covered.

You can enjoy some peace and tranquility in your home without “lifting a finger.” Have your meals prepared by a private chef while your children spend supervised quality time in a playpen.

Make your dream family vacation come to life in the beating heart of the Aegean. Discover Mykonos and discover yourself on a Mykonos family Holiday.

Visit The Beaches with the Family

The natural beauty of Mykonos family-friendly beaches will leave you in awe.

Rejoice in the turquoise waters of Ornos beach Mykonos and spend a day kite surfing on your Mediterranean Holiday. Take the time to unwind under the Aegean sun and have a family lunch in one of the exceptional Greek taverns by the sea.

A relaxing day in Agrari beach Mykonos awaits you. Your kids can spend some time splish-splashing in the crystal calm waters of this tranquil beach. Take in the refreshing Aegean breeze with long walks on the golden sand and immortalize the scenery with family photos. Another quiet option with the grat views of the endless blue is Agios Ioannis beach Mykonos.

More cosmopolitan options are Ornos Beach Mykonos or Platys Gialos Beach Mykonos. There, a lavish scene for the parents is combined with family-friendly options in the restaurants and beachside activities.

Visit Delos with the Family

Mykonos is, in general, an excellent island hopping center. It’s very close to other Aegean gems such as Syros, Paros or Tinos.

An ideal day trip for a family is Delos. The island is less than an hour away from Mykonos and is a cultural marvel that constitutes a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Delos is the birthplace of the mythological twins of Zeus and Leto, Apollo and Artemis. Surviving sites on the island gracefully take visitors back to the golden era of Ancient Greece.

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Visit Rural Mykonos with the Family

Mykonos, as all Cycladic Islands, has a wonderful landscape awaiting discovery. Apart from the intensity of the most fabulous nightlife, Mykonos is also heaven on earth for families looking to spend some time together.

Try a private hiking tour to unravel the magic of the scenery with your family. Top off the hike with a relaxing day on the Mykonos beaches and let the crystal waters be your refreshment for the day.

Enjoy some time visiting traditional organic farms where children interact with their favorite animals.  On the island, there are also options for various family classes. Enjoy a cooking class or even a pottery class.

Visit Little Venice – Mykonos Town

The picturesque stone-paved streets. The white houses with little blue doors and blossoming flowers create a magical ambiance in Mykonos Town.

Admire the beauty of the windmills standing tall overlooking the endless Aegean sea and enjoy a beachside lunch in any of the award-winning restaurants in Little Venice.

Cap off your day with a visit to the Mykonos Archeological Museum or Folk Museum. Children love this as they get to listen to stories about pirates on the island. It’s a great way to end your time answering, is Mykonos Also a Family Destination? By now, you know this is a resounding, yes!


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