Is it Worth It to Move to the City?

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Living in a small area for a long period of time can be a comfort for those who want to watch the world go by. Sit still for too long, and you could be missing out on everything the world has to offer you. This is what makes moving to the city so alluring.

City living, whether it’s in Ottawa or New York City, has a way of pulling you off the sidelines and into the game. It gives you the ability to experience a wide variety of cultures and can open up new opportunities. How these will benefit you depend on what your expectations and how you’re prepared when they don’t go that way. Listed below are some points to consider before moving to the city.

Tied Down

The older you get, the more you’ll feel the pressure to stay committed to one area. When it comes to moving, older individuals will relocate to retire. Before making that move, you’ll have to consider the personal and professional commitments you’ve made.

There are times where moving could benefit your current commitments. Start by talking to loved ones about your planned move and list some of the benefits such as better costs of living. They may have a similar idea and agree. If conflicts still exist, then telecommuting might be your only option.    

Career Mobility

Whenever someone moves to an urban area, it’s to facilitate their career growth. Having a job lined-up, and waiting, for you is the smart way to go about moving. Just make sure you’re moving upwards and not laterally.

Relocating for the same position will only increase your troubles, not lighten them. Your annual salary should also reflect a significant upswing compared to your previous one. Above all, be sure the company, or trade, you’re going into is one that aligns with your work ethic.   

Shared Space

A main concern about moving to the city is the same with all locations-housing. Finding a place to live that’s in your budget can be a challenge, especially when it’s in a good neighborhood. You might need to start screening roommate candidates.

Whether renting or owning, monthly fees are bound to eat up a substantial sum of your income. Roommates are effective way to share those costs, but make sure you budget personal space accordingly. Spend the extra time learning the candidate’s attitudes toward maintaining a long-term housing relationship. Try to scope out any toxic habits from the onset.  

Hunger for Culture

Big city living means experiencing a variety of cultural experiences each day. From farmers markets to unique restaurants, live theatre and museums, the possibilities are endless. Moving to any city to experience culture can make you feel like a resident tourist.

Put together a list of attractions in your prospective city and match them against the practical reasons for re-locating. Decide if these are things you’d get bored with after a few years. Find one or more that relates to your profession. If you’re a gourmet chef, then maybe there’s more opportunities to ply your trade.  

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