Is AeroMexico AM Plus Premium Economy Worth it?

On my recent trip to Mexico City, I got to check out AeroMexico’s premium economy product, AM Plus. I was especially excited as I scored a free upgrade. This excitement didn’t last long as there wasn’t anything “premium” to this upgrade. This is my AeroMexico AM Plus premium economy review and my answer to if AM Plus is worth the upgrade.

How Do You Upgrade to AeroMexico AM Plus?

With a ridiculous seat sale price of $350 CAD Vancouver to Mexico City return, I was happy to splurge a little on some extra comfort for the six-hour flight. When trying to purchase an upgrade online the only seats available to me were in the exit row. This is a dirty trick that airlines play.

There’s no way every passenger has selected a seat a couple of days out. Airlines do this to pressure you into paying more a seat. At $79 USD I decided to wait for the 24-hour window to select my seat.

Once 24 hours out there still wasn’t anything beyond the exit row, although now down to $59 USD. This shows you should always wait when selecting your seat!

Again, I decided to roll the dice and try my luck at the counter rather than online. Upon check-in, I asked if there was availability in AM Plus, Aeromexico’s Premium Economy offering. There was and at only $95 CAD ($73 USD), I decided to go for it. Even with my credit card in hand, to my surprise, the agent upgraded me at no cost.

So far, AeroMexico AM Plus premium economy is definitely worth it!


Route: Vancouver to Mexico City
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Seat: 8A
Highlights: Extra legroom
Low lights: Lack of difference from economy

What Are the AeroMexico AM Plus Seats Like?

Aeromexico AM plus seats

Happy with my free upgrade, I was ready to sit back and take in all the is AeroMexico AM Plus service. This is where the excitement ended. Seats on AeroMexico AM Plus premium economy 737-800 aircraft are in a three-three configuration, the same as economy. The only difference is the additional legroom, 34 inches of pitch versus 31 inches.

The only other thing that distinguishes AeroMexico AM Plus premium economy is the headrest with”AM Plus” stitched into it. That’s it.

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What Is the Service Like on AeroMexico AM Plus?

So if seats on the AeroMexico AM Plus premium economy aren’t much of an upgrade, the service must be, right? Not so fast speedy Gonzalez.

What Is the Food Like on AeroMexico AM Plus?

Aeromexico AM plus inflight food offering

Meal and drink service on AeroMexico AM Plus premium economy is the exact same as economy class. On my six-hour flight from Vancouver to Mexico City, we were all fed a small breakfast of powdered eggs and vegetables with yoghurt and fruit on the side. No points are awarded here.

Aeromexico economy food offering

Drinks, again, are the same in the economy. I didn’t have any tequila or cerveza as my early departure meant I slept the whole way. On my return trip in economy, I decided to have a beer and there was no charge so assuming beer and wine are included, AeroMexico AM Plus or not.

Sticking with the meals, on my return, I had a pesto pasta that was swimming in oil. Again, this was in economy class but would have been the same meal in AM Plus.

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Aeromexico Premium Economy Service

Unfortunately, the service on Aeromexico premium economy didn’t win me over either.

Flight attendants were all smiles and super nice, just not very attentive. My seat, for example, had a broken entertainment system. I was waiting for an opportunity to flag an attendant but ended up moving to a free seat after takeoff. I just find it funny that if there is an issue with a seat why put someone in it in the first place? The flight was not full.

Then, during meal service, I was somehow skipped over despite everyone else in my room receiving a meal.

Aeromexico Premium Economy Service Amenities

View from Aeromexico AM plus window above Mexico City sprawl.

The only real additional amenity in AeroMexico AM Plus premium economy is the inclusion of a blanket, or so I thought. On my return, I found blankets available in economy as well.

As you can probably tell, I’m struggling to find the difference here with AM Plus. You get priority boarding and screening through SkyPriority and dedicated overhead storage but is this really worth $95??

What Is the Entertainment Like on AeroMexico AM Plus?

Once I was in a seat with an in-flight entertainment system that worked, I noticed it is, again, the same throughout the plane. The movie selection was OK but not substantive. Same with television shows. Still, there’s enough in there to keep you busy for a few hours, Aeromexico premium economy or not.

Aeromexico AM plus inflight entertainment screen
Aeromexico Premium Economy inflight entertainment

Wi-Fi is available with service ranging from one hour to the duration of the flight. There is a free messaging option which is a nice touch and allows you to stay connected throughout the flight.

So What’s the Plus in AM Plus?

So, if the only thing AeroMexico AM Plus premium economy gets you is three inches of extra space, what’s the plus with Aeromexico Premium Economy?

As far as I can tell, the perks are really with SkyPriority. This is not a plus for me as I was at the airport at four in the morning so no need for priority anything. I should also point out that I was laughed at when I tried to access the Delta Plus lounge. Clearly, Aeromexico Premium Economy Service does not get you lounge access…

Aeromexico exit row seat

Instead of AeroMexico AM Plus, I recommend selecting an exit-row seat instead. As I found on my return flight, although the exit row seats do not recline, they have WAY more space. With all the other “perks” included (food, drink, dedicated bin – emergency row you can not have items in the row), the value is certainly there.

Aeromexico exit row leg room

Is AM Plus worth it?

Sunrise view over Vancouver from Aeromexico premium economy seat. view of the wing and engine in the foreground.
Sunrise over Vancouver from Aeromexico premium economy seat

This should not be a shock. Spending the extra pesos on AeroMexico AM Plus premium economy is not worth it if you are caring on your baggage or on a short flight. I would only upgrade again if I was in a middle seat in economy and the exit row was not available…or if it was free. I would also only do this at the airport check-in instead of paying more online.

Aeromexico Premium Economy FAQs

What does AM Plus mean for Aeromexico?

AM Plus is Aeromexico’s (AM) premium economy (plus) class. This service provides passengers with an upgraded travel experience compared to the regular economy class.

What is the difference between AM Plus and Clase Premier on Aeromexico?

AM Plus is Aeromexico’s premium economy class, offering more legroom and enhanced services compared to regular economy. Premier is Aeromexico’s business class, offering lie-flat seats, premium dining, and greater privacy. While both offer priority services, Premier is significantly more expensive than AM Plus.

Does AM Plus Aeromexico include carry-on?

Yes, AM Plus passengers on Aeromexico are allowed to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item on board as part of their ticket.

What say you?
Is AeroMexico AM Plus Premium Economy Worth the Upgrade to you?
Let’s hear it!

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Is AeroMexico AM Plus Premium Economy Worth it? Is AeroMexico AM Plus Premium Economy Worth it?

So how does this AeroMexico Premium Economy Review rank?

5 Seats
7 Service
3 Food & Drink
7 Entertainment
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  1. Avatarsays: Jerry

    Dude I was with you until you tried to enter the Delta lounge with an AM Plus ticket, like why did you try that lol

  2. Avatarsays: Alisa

    I recently booked a trip to Mexico with AeroMexico and purchased the AMPlus. I
    thought this also gave you more flexibility with any change such as a missed flight or
    cancellation and there would be no additional charge if that occurred when you purchased this upgrade? Do you have any info on this? Thanks

    1. Avatarsays: Shaun Robertson

      Looks like first change is free for flights to/from USA and Canada. Interestingly it $33 for domestic changes.

  3. Thank you for this review – I am about to fly on AeroMexico for the first time and was thinking about upgrading to AMPlus. Not going to do that after this review so thank you for that

    1. Aeromexico does not charge for checked bags. AM Plus gets you priority handling though – “Our seat comes with all the SkyPriority® services: priority check-in, boarding, and baggage. “

      1. Avatarsays: Esteban villalobos

        Aeromexico does charge for checked baggage unless you are
        Gold, Platinum or Titanium member. First bag free. Aeromexico Platinum American Express and Santander Infinite also give you one free bag if ticket paid with credit card. All fares do not include baggage unless you are traveling Premier Class. Charges for first bag is $30USD and $55USD for second bag.

  4. Avatarsays: Ivette Pimentel

    You did not say if the economy class also has the entertainment system. This makes all the difference if you have children on board with you. I’m surprised you skipped mentioning this.

    1. Avatarsays: Shaun Robertson

      Hi Ivette, thanks for flagging.

      I did say that it is the same system throughout the plane – see the first sentence under “What Is the Entertainment Like on AeroMexico AM Plus?” so yes, there is the same entertainment system in economy class.

      And yes, entertainment systems make all the difference for big children like myself too 😉