Inside the Evora Bone Chapel

Inside the Evora Bone Chapel 5

Inside the Bone Chapel

 Inside the Evora Bone Chapel

First off, we are alive. Nothing exciting in the last week cause we have been pretty sick. After a day of travel Jon and I stayed one day in Madrid. It was nice but not much for sights. It was also Jons bday but since we were both sick we decided to celebrate in Lagos. After Madrid we took a night train to Lisbon then to Evora where we took a look at the bone chapel. Very creepy inside the Evora Bone Chapel. You could feel (and see) death all around you Inside the Evora Bone Chapel. Chills.

From Evora we went to Lagos which is basically a beach party town. We are here to recover but not sure that will happen. weather has still been crappy but we are here for 4 days so hopefully we can get some sun. I will post some pics soon.



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