In Bruges

In Bruges 3

In Bruges

We arrived tired again so did not see much of the town before heading to the hostel. Here are a couple pics of a very beautiful city on a brisk day.
Tomorrow we are up early (for once) for the Flanders fields tour.

 In Flanders Fields

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  • Hi Shaun!!
    Brugge was great, wasn’t it 🙂
    You had to give us a sign, we would have shown you the best places in Brugge!!

    from Anne,
    a Belgian girl 🙂

  • woooowwz, you missed something, Shaun! Ghent is soooo beautiful now in the sun. Al students are coming out of there ‘holes’ to party, enjoy the weather, party, enjoy the weather…

    I think I go to bed now, I’m very tierd (of going out:) )

    Seeja, Delfien (the other Flamish girl)

  • Sorry girls, we wanted to stick around Belgium longer but needed to get south for some sun. I may be back in a couple months for a Red Hot Chilli peppers show. They are playing some out door festival.

    Maybe ghent then?

  • yes, werchter!!
    delfien and i will go together!
    yes, longing for some warmth too!!
    but summer is coming!!
    Greetz from Belgium


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