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Posting without having pictures to reference is a lot harder than one would think. Personally this shouldn’t be a shock, I have a hard time remembering what I ate for breakfast let alone what I did 2 weeks ago. So I apologize for the following short recap of March:


Headed north and in the process left +8 weather for -27. Spring had yet to sprung north of 60. Never-the-less I headed further north for work and spent the nights at Ma’s. One highlight I do remember is visiting the SnowKing Castle. Every year an eccentric local builds a bigger and better castel made of snow. This year it housed several concerts including one by my friend Aaron a.k.a “Godson”

Sadly I did not take the above picture…my pictures were much better. For more info on the castle click here.


I left Yellowknife bright an early Easter Saturday (is there even an Easter Saturday??) and flew to Ottawa via Calgary. In Ottawa in met up with Erin who had taken the train out for the weekend. Exhausted from my long day of travel we took it easy…and by taking it easy I mean we drank till 3 in the morning at a bar in the market area. This was no ordinary bar as it was actually 6-7 bars in one. We decided to bar hop within the bar and have a shot at each stop. This turned out kinda rough as we were up early the next day to head to Montreal. Good thing all we had planned to do in Montreal was eat, sleep, and then eat some more. Of course no trip to Montreal would be complete without stopping for some smoked meat at Scwartz. We didn’t limit ourselves to just smoked meat. We went for crepes..twice and some really expensive but really good sushi. Bellies full we left Montreal, Erin to Toronto, me to Ottawa.


I was in Ottawa on a course for the week which was really good. Other than eating and drinking in the market every night we managed to take in a Sens game. A co-worker got tickets online which turned out to be the absolute last seat in the house. Still was a lot of fun and that arena is amazing although ridiculously far out of town.


Once my course was done I hoped on the train and headed to Toronto where I met up with Erin. Taj, a friend I grew up with in Yellowknife, came out for the weekend with his girlfriend. We spent Saturday touring downtown and then heading up the CN tower which I LOVED. It pains me that I don’t have pictures form that day as it was a lot of fun. From there we headed to a roof top bar for $15 drinks and a view of the city as the lights dimmed for “Earth Hour” This event is what I blame losing my camera on. It was so dark in that bar!

The next day was a rough one as we were out late that night. We met up with Taj and his girlfriend for the Raptors/Hornets game only to find out the free tickets Erin got from work were for the wrong day! Taj and I ended up buying tickets and then scalping them for better seats. In the end we got great seats and had a really good time at the game. We finished up the night with some comedy just down from the ACC.

I think I covered everything? Thankfully this won’t be an issue on my next trip as my mom got me a camera as an early birthday gift. Thanks mom!


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