The Not-So Hungarian Express

The Not-So Hungarian Express 1

pic 198.0The Not-So Hungarian Express

I ended up taking the night train with 2 Aussie guys I met at the hostel. Funny story, when we were in line to get tram tickets at the train station this skin head looking Polish guy came up to one of the Aussies, starred at him from about 2 inches from his face, screamed and swung at him. I pushed the skin head off of him then he came screaming and swinging after me. I thought this only happened in Paris! Luckily we got away unharmed. I got hit in the head and the Aussie got his had scratched. We think it was random and because the Aussies are of Asian background. Sad that something like that happens these days, especially in a place like Krakow.

After that excitement we had a long, long train to Budapest. I say long because we had a 4 hour detour in Slovakia cause of flooding. Not-so Hungarian Express indeed. Was not all that bad cause we met up with some Canadian girls a drank in our very small cabin. Also had a good sleep for the first time on a night train. Turns out the long way was needed.

So I am in Budapest. I stayed up last night till 5 am listening online to the Oilers lose a close one. I was chatting on MSN with a co-worker who was watching the game back home so that was fun. The Oil lost their goalie so they have some serious work ahead of them now.

Between periods I was able to upload a lot of pictures from the last couple weeks so check back tomorrow for updates.

Me so sleepy.

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