How to Save Money on a Road Trip

According to a survey in July 2019, nearly half of Americans said they planned to take a road trip over the summer. While that can be a fun way to save on the cost of air travel, the next time you embark on a road trip, you can make it even more budget-friendly with a few tips. Read on for how to save money on a road trip.

Travel in an RV

When TripSavvy compared the costs of meals and gas when travelling in an RV vs. a standard vehicle, it found that the latter cost $2,100 whereas taking an RV cost $1,450. Of course, you’ll save on hotel costs too, with most RV spaces less than what you’d pay for hotel accommodation. The catch is, buying an RV outright is a big expense, and you can always check the minimum credit score for an RV loan, but renting one first to see if it’s something that you’ll use frequently, perhaps through RV rental Canada if you’re planning on a trip that will take you through the country’s spectacular national parks or other destinations, can be a great option.

Prepare Some Snacks and Meals Ahead of Time

When you’re out on the road, all those meals out can get expensive, and fast food is likely to make you feel worse than you did when those hunger pangs hit. Ever try to drive after a big greasy meal? Why not save your money and enjoy dining out in your final destination instead? Bring a cooler and stock it up with items like fruit, veggies (carrots and celery sticks work well), sandwiches and drinks? By water by the gallon and use a container to fill it up rather than stopping to buy bottled water. You might put make your own trail mix or air-popped popcorn to take along as a snack too. You’ll feel better, stay more alert, save money and time as you won’t have to stop as much.

Don’t Waste Fuel

Next up on this list on how to save money on a road trip is all about being smart with your fuel. You can potentially save a lot on gas just by driving the speed limit. If you have cruise control, use it. Speeding excessively will have a big negative impact on fuel costs. Of course, sticking to the speed limit will help you avoid a costly ticket and enjoy more of the scenery.

Before you hit the road, check your tire pressure too, which can help your vehicle be more fuel-efficient. Apps can also help – download CheapGas to help you find the cheapest options available on any route.

Use a Credit Card That Will Give You Cash Back On Buying Gas

You can trim fuel costs even more on a long trip by using a credit card that offers cashback or discounts on gas purchases. By doing some research to get the right card, you may be able to save 3 to 6% on fill-ups. Just remember to pay the balance off when the bill comes due or the interest cost may negate the savings.

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