How to Prepare for Your First Business Trip

You’re killing it at work, you’ve been taking on the corporate ladder for some time now. Your boss reaches out to you and asks if you can go on a business trip with some team members. Of course, you’re going to say yes to this! Preparing for your first business trip can be so exciting! While you may be nervous since you’ve never done one before and don’t know what to expect, this guide is here to help you. One more bonus tip — avoid common issues with the overall organization of corporate travels, by sending your admin team TravelPerk’s guide to corporate travel management

Make a packing checklist

Packing for vacation and packing for work isn’t entirely the same. With business trips, you’re going to constantly need to look presentable and well-groomed. This doesn’t entirely need to be the case when travelling for leisure. So it’s best to make a checklist of what you’re going to need for work, what clothes or suits you’ll need, as well as any electronics and hygienic products. During this time you can also get an idea of where you’ll be so you’ll know what you need such as fruit smoothies near me. This list will help you stay organized so you won’t have to deal with forgetting anything important such as a file.

Prepare travel documents

Next up on this list of tips for your first business trip is about getting your papers sorted. If your workation is domestic then this shouldn’t be an issue however if you’re going international then this one is for you. Make sure to prepare any travel documents such as your identification, your health insurance card, informing your bank that you’re travelling, and any other documents you believe you’ll need.

Dress code

There’s a very high chance that there will be a dress code. Be sure to contact someone at your company such as your boss, coworker, or manager about the dress code. You need to remember that you’re going to be the face of the company so you must look your best. Even outside of meetings at places such as the airport, restaurant, and hotel, you should look your best because you never know you may be a client during the business trip. It’s best to just dress business-casual outside of meetings unless there’s a strict rule about always wearing a suit. It may even be best to dress up nicely even during downtime. 

Bring business cards

It’s very important to network and has a good connection with people. Handing out a business card is often expected during meetings when a business trip occurs. If you don’t have any business cards, you can either ask your boss or you can purchase some affordable business cards online.

Avoid wrinkles

When you’re packing, be sure to neatly fold up your clothes, especially your suits. You want to try your best at avoiding wrinkles if you can. While many hotels will offer an iron, not all of them do, so it’s best to just be prepared. 

Pack light

Last up on this list of tips on how to prepare for your first business trip is to ensure you pack accordingly. You’ll want to pack light for this trip, so just your briefcase and a small carry-on suitcase at most. It’s important to pack only what is needed for the business trip and that’s all. Also, it’s best to avoid checking in any luggage because there’s always the chance of it being either delayed or lost entirely. 

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