The city of dreams is full of excitement and adventure, which means that it can overwhelm many people with how hectic it is. However, New York is a city that has something for everyone and you can plan a trip that covers your interests.

Here are some tips that will help you to plan the ideal NYC tour:

Choose Your Ideal Destination

How to Plan Your Trip to NYC

You might be going to NYC, but unless you have a whole year, you cannot see the city in its entirety. For this reason, you should pick the attractions that you would like to see most when choosing which part of NYC to visit. If all the options are overwhelming, you can start a pre-planned itinerary or use guidebooks to choose the best sights.

Customize Your Visit

If you do not want to see the Empire State Building because you do not find it interesting enough, you should choose the attractions that interest you. If you are travelling with other people, make sure that you consider their interests before coming up with an itinerary. You may also take private charter flights to New York for a more memorable trip.

Ask Friends for Recommendations

Your friends know you better than travel agents and can recommend the best places for you to visit. If any of your friends have been to NYC, you should find out what they enjoyed doing and make a list. Better yet, if you have a pal that lives in New York, he or she can give you the best itinerary and offer a place to stay thus helping you to cut costs.

Get Outside Manhattan

How to Plan Your Trip to NYC

This region is busy and full of historically significant attractions: Alexander Hamilton’s house and Metropolitan Museum of Art. However, Manhattan is just one out of the five boroughs of New York and if you do not go outside of it, you will be limiting your fun. You should explore other places that seem out of the ordinary such as:

The Bronx

This place is known for Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Zoo, which focuses on the protection and conservation of wildlife.


This area is notorious for hipsters, but it has much more to offer, including the botanical garden, experimental theatre, and great food.

Staten Island

If you are looking for a relaxed afternoon, you should head to this place. Just take the ferry from Manhattan to see a number of parks and gardens as well as the Children’s Museum.


This borough offers an array of museums and incredible restaurants.

Know the Duration of Your Trip

The period that you will be in NYC will help you to keep your priorities straight. If you only have seven days, you can plan to see the hotspots that you like and add a few wild cards. However, if you only have the weekend, your options will be more limited. In this case, you can get on the hop on and hop off bus to see more sites in a single day.

Know How to Get There

Before making hotel reservations, you should know how to get to New York. You have many modes of transportation to choose from, including:


NYC has three major airports and you can get cheap flights if you know where to look and start looking early enough. If you tend to travel with one airline, you should buy tickets through it to get the best deals.

Buses and trains

Amtrak and bus lines such as Greyhound serve New York City. If you do not want to fly, you can take a bus or train.


If you are travelling a short distance, you should drive to NYC yourself. You just need to make parking plans in advance.


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How to Plan Your Trip to NYC

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