How To Make the Most Out of a Bad Travel Situation

How To Make the Most Out of a Bad Travel Situation 3

How To Make the Most Out of a Bad Situation

On the way to the Dominican I had a lay over in Toronto where I met up with Erin. Since our flight wasn’t until late afternoon the next day we had lots of time to play. We went for a late dinner and a movie then for drinks on Queens street.

We slept in the next day but still had lots of time to get to the airport. Instead of the $40 cab ride we decided to take the subway to the airport. This turned out to be a big mistake as it took longer than expected. We fought with the self serve check in for about 10 minutes until the lady helping us finally realized that the flight was closed. This was a shock to us as we had over an hour to get on the plane. The lady was no help and told us to talk to the Air Canada vacation’s clerk which was a 5 minute jog down the terminal. Once there the clerk questioned why we were sent to her as there was nothing she could do to help. She really was no help. We ran back to the check in line and talked to a lady and finally got her to get a supervisor who was helpful. She said that we could get on the plane if we just took carry on and told us to go back to the Air Canada vacations counter, ask the lady to change or flight for no fee if possible. If not then to check us in as we buy carry on bags. She said to give the clerk her name and to call her if there were any problems. This was very useful info and questioned why we were not told that when we arrived a half hour prior. Now we were running back to the vacations counter again. When we repeated what the supervisor told us the clerk said she didn’t know how we were talking to and said couldn’t even check us in from her counter. Air Canada’s customer service is far far far from solid.

The clerk did give us the option to fly to Porta Plata instead of Punta Cana for a fee but it was closing soon. We said yes and would just figure out how to get across the island when we arrived. The clerk struggled with her computer system trying to find out how much to charge us then when she went to check us in she quietly informed us that the flight had closed. Unbelievable. It happened again. This made Shaun angry. We were in disbelief. Erin phoned my friend Justin who was on the other side of security now boarding the plane: ” Justin! Stay Calm! We will get there! Go have a good time!” Keep in mind Erin has not met Justin at this point. I laughed and asked the clerk what our options were. She said go stand by the next day or first class out of Montreal. Looks like we are going to Montreal. This eased the situation as we both love Montreal and quickly thought of what we could do until our early morning flight.

We arrived in Montreal around 7:00 pm and headed to a nice hotel downtown. We had to be back at the airport in less than 9 hours and were determined to make the most of it. We dropped of our bags and headed through the Latin Quarter and up to Schwartz dinner for some great smoked meat. After stuffing ourselves we strolled the area taking in the busy Montreal night life. Then Erin suggested a Gentleman’s club called Club Super Sexe. Sold. We arrived and were seated by a large angry looking doorman (who was even more angry when I tipped him a twonie) This place was unreal and pure entertainment. Not because of the obvious but because they would get guys on stag and beat there bare asses with there own belts. It was hilarious and looked extremely painful.

We strolled around St.Catherine’s street a little longer then finally headed to the hotel for a very brief sleep (just over an hour) We were up and off to the airport extra early as there was no way we were going to miss the flight.

All in all it was an awesome side trip and we definitely followed through on How To Make the Most Out of a Bad Situation

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