How to Feel at Home When Camping 

Camping these days is no longer as dreadful as it was some years ago. Companies in the camping business have been working hard to make camping more endurable, integrating high-tech gears and furniture to make people feel more comfortable and safe when camping. But if you’re still hesitant about sleeping outdoors, you can make your camping trip comfortable by adding home comforts. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips on how to feel at home when camping.

Ditch the Sleeping Bags 

If you want to feel more at home when camping, ditch the sleeping bag and pack your bedding. For instance, you can bring the same set of bedding that you use back home, including your pillows and comforters, so you’ll feel like you are sleeping in the same bed. However, this will only work if you have a spacious tent or are glamping in a cabin. Also, it can be hard to carry these things if you are backpacking. Thankfully, there are comfier alternatives to sleeping bags, which are not too bulky. 

In most cases, the best alternative to a sleeping bag is a camping quilt. Camping quilts provide the same level of comfort as your quilts at home and are especially beneficial if you’re camping in cold places. Most camping quilts are ultralight, so bringing them would not be a hassle. They are also easier to transport compared to many sleeping bags. 

Other good options are wool blankets and insulated poncho liners. And if you want to sleep in a bed during camping, pack an air mattress. Sleeping on an air mattress is like sleeping in a bed, allowing you to sleep comfortably. Since these mattresses are inflatable, you can easily pack them for camping trips.

Get Cosy Lighting 

Lighting is one of those essential items to bring for your camping trip. They are used not only for illumination but also for safety and security. And if you want to feel at home when camping, invest in cosy lighting options, such as fairy lights and camping lanterns.  

Fairy lights can make your campsite feel cosier and exude a relaxing ambience, allowing you to feel at home. When shopping for fairy lights, consider the power sources and decide whether you will choose solar-powered, battery-powered or electric lights. Also, consider the length of the lights and if you have specific preferences on how they look or twinkle. For camping sites with no power outlet, solar-powered or battery-powered lights would be the best option. But if you’re in a camper or have a generator, you can consider those fairy lights that you can plug into an AC outlet. 

You can also bring lanterns for camping. Most campers would settle with traditional lanterns, but if you’re looking for a cosy and relaxing ambience, an LED lantern would be a great choice. In addition, LED lanterns have long battery life and can handle rugged use, making them an ideal choice for camping.

Pick the Right Location 

The location of the campsite is a huge factor in determining how comfortable you can be during camping. If you happen to be camping around the UK, you’re in luck because there are serval amazing locations. For instance, think of the direction of the sun. Most people are either night owls or morning people. Depending on your preferences, think of how little you want the sun to enter your tent in the morning. 

Stay away from bugs, as this can certainly affect your comfort. Unfortunately, it’s hard to look for a camping site free from bugs. But there are ways to protect yourself from these pesky insects. If you’re in a location known for bugs, choose an area far away from water where bugs tend to breed. 

You must also avoid camping in places with stench. Choose a campsite that’s far from the outhouse and dumpsters. Avoid camping close to bathrooms and garbage cans and set up your tent at a far enough distance that you will not wake up with a stench that won’t go away.

Pack Your Kitchenware from Home 

Cooking is part of the overall camping experience, and if you want to feel like you haven’t left home, pack your kitchenware. But leave the bulky ones at home. Look for things that serve the same purpose but are more compact or foldable.

Instead of wasting paper plates and plastic utensils and cups, bring your dinnerware from home. Aside from helping to save your environment, using dinnerware from home will make camping feel more like home. You can also pack the cookware from your kitchen instead of buying new ones. A cast iron skillet or Dutch oven would be perfect. You can use it in prepping soup, cooking meat, etc. A stainless-steel pot is also a good option. 

When camping, you will most likely need to boil some water. Therefore, you also need to bring a kettle. And for a more comfortable camping experience, don’t forget to bring cooking utensils, such as a ladle, spatula, colander, tin opener, slotted spoon, scissors, knives, and a cutting board.

Use Camping Organisers 

Make camping more comfortable and stress-free by organising your stuff as you would back home. Invest in camping organisers like pop-up wardrobes and shoe racks that will make your tent tidier and homier. 

Bring along some large containers where you can store small items and conveniently carry them to the campsite. The containers also allow for the easy removal of these items when it’s time to pack up. Larger storage containers can also double as a table or an additional camp chair. Choose clear containers, making it easier for you to find loose items.

Bring some plastic storage drawers to help keep things organised when camping, especially if you have a flat raised space to set up, such as a picnic table or the back of a vehicle. Label your storage boxes to easily identify where things are and where they go when camping is over. Use Ziplock bags or plastic storage organisers to keep things organised and separated inside your camping storage boxes. Do not forget the straps to secure the boxes while in your vehicle.

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