How I Booked 9 Business Class Flights for $325

How I Booked 9 Business Class Flights for $325

I’m writing this from 33,000 feet above the Atlantic. From my lay flat EgyptAir seat, I can see the sunset over Greenland. With the amount of Guinness in me from Toronto’s Maple Leaf lounge, I should be asleep but I’m too excited. This is the second of 9 Business Class Flights I booked and it’s pretty amazing. Not because of the legroom, pampered service, or the ridiculous 3-course meal. What I’m really excited about is the fact that I am enjoying all this 7 more times and only for $325 and 90K Aeroplan points.

I’m also excited to share how I made it happen.


The Breakdown

To explain how I pulled this off I have posted a series on the Aeroplan hacks I used to ultimately book this amazing dream trip. This includes:

  1. How to Accumulate Aeroplan Points Fast – It only took 90K points to pull these 9 business class flights. This post will explain how easy it is to obtain enough points to create a kickass trip like this.
  2. How to Maximize Aeroplan Points – It’s crazy to use your points for 1 return ticket. This post explains how to use those same points and turn them into segments with multiple destinations and flights.
  3. How to Avoid Aeroplan Taxes and Fees – The key to how I booked these 9 business class flights for only $325 was to avoid airlines that charge ridiculous taxes and fees on reward ticket flights. This post explains how to do just that.

Putting it Together

Once you grasp the concepts above you can build your own dream trip for cheap. The hardest part (besides having to call in while I was using Fongo in Thailand) was dealing with someone that would actually book the routing I had found. After painfully finding the flights I wanted by looking at available reward seats on the airlines that don’t charge taxes for reward tickets I had to talk to someone to complete the booking. The first time I called in I was flat out told the routing I had found would not be allowed. Sensing I wasn’t going to change this person’s mind I called back the next day. Not only did the lady on the other end book my flights, she was shocked and actually congratulated me afterwards.

That’s better.

The Route

So what did my 9 business class flight for $325 look like? Here is a map of all flight segments. I will also be releasing review posts on my luxury travel experiences of each of the 9 business class flights as well as the business class lounges along the way.


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    For more luxury travel reviews from tickets and beyond see HERE.

    Check out the other posts in this Aeroplan Hacks series and get on your way to creating your own dream trip!


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