Hoodoos and Hoodonts 7

Hoodoos and Hoodonts

Good comparison

On some what of a whim, Erin and I decided to drop in on her friends Whit and Scott in Calgary. To their surprise we showed up on the doorstep with jager and a itch for some Mario cart. Good times followed.

We left the next day to go see the Dinosaur museum in Drumheller. Apparently we didn’t leave soon enough as my camera was confiscated. This resulted in my battery dieing at the museum. So this is what you get. Can you spot where the camera died? Hoodonts indeed.

The museum was great, lots of info and lots of bones. Anna Marie took me there when I was 8 and I was probably just as amazed then as I was this time. Sadly, no pictures of the hoodoos – just Hoodont’s.

A Carnivore catches it’s prey































Calgary on Dwellable



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  1. Avatarsays: Whitney

    Killing myself laughing right now. The tears just won’t stop. I hate that Scott is not home right now to see this first hand. I will show him as soon as he gets here.
    P.S. Shaun, you can refer to us as “our friends – Whitney and Scott” not “Erin’s friends, Whitney and Scott” 🙂

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