Holiday Disappointment – Your Guide to Cancelled Holidays and Breaks

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Finding out that your holiday has been cancelled is utterly gut-wrenching. Not only have you spent months preparing for your break and looking forward to it, now it’s been taken away from you. You feel like you’ve lost everything you’ve worked so hard towards. Thankfully we are here to help with this guide to cancelled holidays and breaks.

It’s Going to Be OK

While having our holiday cancelled can feel like the worst thing in the world at that moment, it’s worth remembering that the quicker you get your money back, the sooner you can book another well-deserved holiday – potentially one that is even better than the one you originally booked. Creditfix have created a really helpful infographic that details what to do if your holiday is cancelled, check it out.

What you need to do is stay calm, if you’re holidaying with friends or your children then breaking the news to them will be difficult but it’s a job that needs doing. If you’ve booked time off work then you’ll need to rearrange something with your boss to ensure you don’t lose out on your holiday entitlement. There’s a lot of admin to do but getting your money back is certainly a priority. I’ve provided a helpful infographic below to guide you through the process. Good luck.

Holiday Disappointment – Your Guide to Cancelled Holidays and Breaks


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