Hockey Night In Venice

Hockey Night In Venice 2

Hockey Night In Venice

So what do two guys do in Venice anyway? Wait…two hetero guys? Better yet, two hetero Canadian guys? ….Get drunk and try and find a place to watch the hockey game. Weaving our way through endless hand holding couples, we searched bars and internet cafes for a chance to watch or listen to Game 6, a must win for Edmonton. No luck. No Hockey Night In Venice for us. The overpriced hostel we stayed at didn’t even let us use the internet after 1030 pm. We sweet talked the doorman around 230 to check the score for us. After persuading him he looked it up and told us 1-0 Oil. Later that night Jon tried sneaking on the doorman’s computer for an update. He was not impressed as he slept next to the desk. Jon would not let him sleep until we knew the score. The doorman finally gave in, 2-0 Edmonton. I slept well after that.

So what do two guys do in Venice? Two stinky guys? Laundry….overpriced laundry. We spent the rest of the day catching up on some much needed washing. After that we walked the town for a bit. Such a mind boggling place. No roads or vehicles. Canals replace streets, boats replace cars. There is even water taxi’s and public transportation. Such a cool place but such a couples get away. Jon and I turned to another kind of love…the love of eating. Such great food in Venice.

The next day we toured some nice shops and went to the famous Piazza San Marco. There we weaved our way through hand holding couples holding pigeon feed (not so romantic to me) and made our way up a tower for a view of all the islands. Venice is a lot bigger than I ever imagined.

We also spent half the day desperately trying to book a place in Ljubljana that would have the hockey game. The best we found was a private apartment with cable tv. There is no way we were going to miss that game without a fight.

Wish us luck and for the last time this season….


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