Five Great Hobbies That Will Help You Destress

Stress has seemingly become a normal part of modern life. Whether it’s getting packed with dozens of other commuters in a train or bus or getting buried in financial expenses, stress is ubiquitous. Fortunately, as easy as it is to get stressed, there are a couple of hobbies that you can try out to purge your life from stress. Here are five of them:


Wherever you live, there are a couple of hiking trails that are within driving distance. Hiking dirt trails may seem physically exhausting, but the mental and spiritual benefits are worth the legwork. It puts you closer to the soothing and healing powers of nature, and it’s one of the inexpensive hobbies that you can occupy your downtime with.

Be prepared on the trails by taking essentials with you, such as water, some protein and carb-rich snacks, mosquito repellent, etc. Hiking is a form of physical exercise, and any physical exercise can help reduce stress levels in a person.

Video Games

If you grew up playing retro games, like the 8-bit version of Legend of Zelda and Super Mario, bringing back this hobby can help your adult version cope with the stress. Find a game that best suits your idea of fun, whether it’s a first-person shooter or racing game; the genres and game titles are endless. Two fast or high-tech for you? There are plenty of online card games like crib and Solitaire.

Find some friends to play with, or meet new people online. Video games allow you to expel the stress by taking full control of things and being able to call the shots without a boss breathing down your neck or creditors emailing you every single day.


When is the last time you read a book? We aren’t talking about off your phone or tablet either. Getting away from a screen can really help you relax and relive some strain on your eyes. Make a habit of picking up a book, especially before bed, to help you wind down.

Firing Range

Loading a firearm, pulling the trigger, and hearing and seeing the bullet rip a hole through a target is extremely satisfying but also helps release the physical tension that’s been stressing you out. The costs of shooting ranges are very affordable, contrary to what most people think. Most charge by the hour, ranging from $10 to $20.

If you don’t own a firearm, shooting ranges can rent one out for you for the same price range per hour. It’s also easy to find affordable bulk ammo online, so you don’t have to worry about running out of ammunition.


Instead of binge-eating to cope with stress, start learning how to cook more often. Cooking keeps the mind busy and can also be a physical workout as you cut, dice, and mix ingredients.

Aside from being a relaxing hobby, cooking can also help you save money since you can cook meals yourself instead of eating out or ordering in, which costs extra. Furthermore, since you have control over what raw ingredients to use, you can arrange a well-balanced diet that can help reduce stress and other health ailments.

Final Thoughts

These five hobbies are just the tip of the iceberg; you can find dozens more by going out and exploring new activities, such as hang gliding, swimming, or paintball. Whatever hobby you choose to go with, make sure that it relaxes you.

If a hobby just ends up stressing you more, it’s not worth pursuing. Aside from doing these hobbies, you should also try to refine your lifestyle to get rid of activities and people that trigger your stress.

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