The Hippest Camera Strap around?

The Hippest Camera Strap around? 7

The Hippest Camera Strap around?

With the purchase my new Olympus e-pl5 camera there became a need for a better way to carry it around. The neck strap that it comes with, although practical, is lame and screams “I am a photographer…but not really.” With that in mind I turned to the interweb and quickly found that the camera straps are pretty much all the same – boring and plain or bright and flashy. That was until when I stumbled onto Gordy’s Camera Strap’s:

Gordy's Camera Strap - Handcrafted and super hip.
Gordy’s Camera Strap – Handcrafted and super hip.

This camera strap was handmade just north of Seattle and just south of me. Originally created out of a personal need for a strap like no other, these straps are durable, comfortable, and super retro. Created with Latigo belt leather they are said to have a “natural luster that only improves with age and softens with use.” It’s like a camera strap that keeps on giving!

Camera Strap detail
Camera Strap detail – made with love!

I must admit, it wasn’t love at first sight.

Although I was super excited when my camera strap arrived in the mail – even more so when I opened the package and saw how retro and unique it is – my excitement quickly turned to doubt.  At first glance this hip camera strap looked too big for use with my tiny mirrorless camera. It was also stiff and rigid which gave me the impression that it would be uncomfortable and impractical. Crap.

I must admit, I was wrong.

It happens from time to time. I judge something before getting past the cover. In this case, the camera strap looked wrong for my use but after just a few hours of walking around with it on I could see that I was so very wrong. The camera strap is surprisingly comfortable and slips on and off with little effort. It is the perfect length for going from casual hanging to capturing the moment. Also, did I mention this camera strap looks great?

Camera Strap
Super hip and super functional strap

But wait…

Although my camera is pocket-able it is still big enough to warrant a proper neck-strap. Using the camera strap that came with my camera was practical but a pain to get on and off. What to do? Thankfully Gordy has you covered. Not only does he make one cool strap, he also makes camera slings and neck straps as well. There is also a combo neck-strap and wrist strap that looks pretty slick and may have to end up on my setup. I will post pictures of those soon. In the meantime here are a couple other hip shots of one hip strap:

Hip filters for a hip camera strap
Hip filters for a hip camera strap
Long camera strap
Although the strap looks long, it is the perfect length.


Gordy’s Camera Strap’s on Facebook
Gordy’s Camera Strap’s on Flickr

Gordy's Camera Strap website

Although I was sent a strap to review from Gordy’s Camera Strap’s,
the experience, opinions, and words are my own.

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      Great! They have lots of pictures on their site to give you some inspiration for getting your own one made.

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    Looks great Shaun! Reminds me of the strap I had with my old Nikon EM in the 80’s! Funny how old becomes new!

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      For sure! I am thinking of using my girlfriends fathers old neck strap on my next trip because of how cool it looks!

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