Highway to Hoi An 4

Highway to Hoi An

Not even an hour into the first leg of our 17 hour bus ride, Justin was not feeling so hot. A deadly combo of burning garbage outside, bumpy/windy roads, A/C that blew hot air, and a bowl of road side pho from a less than clean truck stop all adds up to trouble for Justins digestive system. To be fair he has not been right for a few weeks. At the resort in Mui Ne he asked the front desk if they had any meds for upset stomach. The hostess smiled and re-appeared with an unknown cocktail of pills. When in Nam.

I have to give it to JB, for how violently ill he was he did not cause a scene thus not setting off a chain reaction of vomiting tourists. Hurling Russian in their short Russian shorts, spewing Brits with their caked on sun block, and red faced Germans filling their fanny packs were all spared. Justin very quietly kept to himself, softly vomiting, much like how I imagine a dove would vomit, in plastic bag after plastic bag. “The Puke Heard Around The World” was safely avoided. Highway to Hoi An hell more like it. At the second truck stop of the trip Justin was throwing in the towel. “Leave me here guys.” he said wiping the sweat of his sweaty face. “Go on without me.” The driver told us it was only 2 more hours to Nha Trang which is where we were supposed to switch buses to a more comfortable sleeper bus for the remaining 12 hours. Unfortunately 2 hours turned into 3.5 hours which to Justin must have felt like 3.5 weeks. When we finally arrived JB B-lined it to the worst bathroom in Vietnam. On top of it being no more than a dirty hole in the ground, there was no toilet paper. Not good for someone in his state. When he reappeared we asked if he wanted to stay in Nha Trang so he could rest up and recover. A no brainier for him. “What’s wrong with the Sheraton?” he said after seeing the first comforting site he had seen in weeks. We convinced him on something a little more budget friendly. After fighting off a mod of people wanting us to stay at there hotel or take their cabs or buy their drugs, we paid way to much to get to our cheap but beach front accommodations.

Nha Trang is no more than a busy Mui Ne. Noted as one of the 25 most beautiful bays in the world, Nha Trang is not without its charm. That said it was a tourist trap that we didn’t really want to get caught in. Nevertheless we made the best of it as we always do. Justin sought medical attention while Erin and I spent another rough day on the beach. After first going to a “hospital” that had people dying in its halls, Justin got help in an S.O.S clinic where he was diagnosed with E-Coli. Time to start brushing our teeth with bottled water.

Never wanting to step foot on a Vietnamese tour bus again, we booked a flight in the early AM to get us to Ha Noi. The flight cost us $36 each. Why we would ever put ourselves through that torture to save $20 is beyond me. Highway to Hoi An – never again.



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