Hello 2009.

Another busy and travel filled year has come and gone. Saying yes to opportunities took me for quite the ride in 08. Looking back I have really stayed true to my now 3 year old manifesto. This past year I have:

– ate fish tacos on Laguna Beach
– Enjoyed Ottawa’s Byward’s Market
– crossed the arctic circle thrice
– left my liver at a music festival in Northern Washington state
– saw hoover dam…but didn’t take the dam tour.
– Went to a rodeo in Grand Prairie and a Stampede in Calgary
– acted 8 years old again at the Drumheller dino museum
– drank wine at a Nappa Valley vineyard
– flew my brothers plane
– gained a roomie
– crossed the continent at least twice
– started another band
– went off roading in the Mojave desert
– saw old faithful and thought, “meh.”
– saw the Raptors, saw the timberwolves, saw the Senators, and saw the Oilers all loose on home court/ice.
– saw some gators in a Florida swamp.
– Went San Fran…twice.
– Escaped the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake city unconverted.
– Ate crepes in Montreal
– drove a porche
– had countless trips to Calgary…blurry, blurry Calgary.
– Went hiking in Kolob Canyon
– spent too much, drank too much, ate too much in Vegas…on 2 separate trips.
– Saw the San Diego zoo
– put over 35,000 km on a new Jeep Cherokee
– rode a train from Montreal to Toronto
– walked the overpriced sky walk
– Cruised sunset strip, strolled Venice beach


– I SAW RADIOHEAD LIVE. I still smile about that one.

Now it seems that around this time of year (over the past few years) I have said the same thing; I can not see myself traveling as much as I have the previous year. Every year I say that. Every year I prove myself wrong. So this year I am making no such claim. Even though financially I should not travel as much as I did last year or the year before and even though “times they are a tough”…I will make no such claim. I will however say that 2009 will be a different year for me. There could be a lot of changes in 2009. Could 2009 be the year where I say “yes” less? In 2009 is “no” the new “yes?”


Take that however you want.

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