Goodbye Florida

Goodbye Florida 2

After a couple more days relaxing at Saddlebag lake it was time to say goodbye to the Pongracz’s. Amanda and Tim headed home while Erin and I went and visited good friends of my mom’s who live just north of Orlando. We spent the next couple days relaxing by Brian and Jean’s pool, drinking, eating and drinking some more. I have noticed a theme with the Florida lifestyle…I could get used to it.

We also shopped at the coolest grocery store I have ever seen. What made it cool? Not the selection of fine meat’s nor the olives stuffed with blue cheese (which we bought and later used in our dirty martini’s) No, because this store had a free keg of beer. You just pour yourself a glass and walk around sampling the stores selections. Now that is shopping my friends. Good way to kill an afternoon and work up an appetite.

After eating and drinking the four of us thought some exercise was in order so we hit up some mini golf. I’m on vacation.

Yes life is hard. Two quick days visiting and we were off again. Back to reality, at least for a couple days.



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