Going out with a bang….

Going out with a bang.... 1

And by bang I really mean waffles and vodka.

Feeling like we accomplished and saw a lot of Iceland, Scott and I toyed with the idea of going to London or Amsterdam before heading back to New York…you know, cause we are so close. Unfortunately it wasn’t in the cards as all the flights back to New York were sold out. Scott even got an email from a friend of his that is a medevac pilot of a Learjet. He was going to be in Reykjavik to get fuel on his way to London to pick up a patient and wanted to know if we wanted a lift. YES! Unfortunately the guy in London died…jerk.

So we were stuck in Reykjavik…likes that’s a bad thing. It could be Cold Lake Alberta…I’m just saying.

So how do the Robertson’s make the most out of there last night in Iceland? Play battleship and eat waffles. That’s how we roll.

We did polish off the rest of our vodka with the help of an actress from L.A. It was also the first night of a jazz festival so we headed out to find some music but by the time we got downtown everything was done. We ended up at an Irish pub which was not very Icelandic but is always fun.

Back to New York tomorrow…never thought that I would be saying that.

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