Going Camping in a Caravan: Why It’s Actually Safer

When it comes to travelling in a caravan, the opinions are mostly divided on the pros and cons. The main reason behind the people opposing caravans is mostly based on the perception that they hold up traffic, which can indeed be a problem at times. That being said, there’s no law against driving slow and safe either, as long as you are not below the speed limit.

Irrespective of which side you take though, there is little doubt about the fact that camping in a caravan is actually safer for families. To explain why that is so, let’s take a few of the following points into consideration.

The Safety of Having Walls Around You in the Woods

Admittedly, you are not exactly going to run into a wild grizzly bear like you might while camping in Yellowstone or the Glacial National Park. Cows are considered to be the most dangerous large animals in the UK, and they generally don’t live near camping grounds.

However, there are adders, spiders and certain venomous insects; bites or stings from any of which can lead to dangerous health complications while camping outside.

If you notice a snake or even a large colony of ants, it’s best not to sleep there overnight. This can be a particularly difficult problem to overcome if you have already set up camp for the night before noticing that large hornet’s nest on the nearby tree!

A caravan provides a solid solution to all these problems, as you can simply move inside your motorhome for the night if you think it’s not safe to put up your tent outside.

The Roof Over Your Head: Bad Weather Scenarios

British weather can be unpredictable. When you are out camping in the middle of the woods a cold and relentless shower can actually turn out to be dangerous, especially since you were likely not expecting it at all!

The caravan is an unbeatable solution to this problem and goes one step further than just providing shelter during unexpected rain. Travelling in a portable home basically means that you can also travel during the winter months.

A point to note is that if you do decide to venture out in February, drive carefully. Big caravans can be difficult to control on slippery roads. On the dirt roads though, that should not be too much of a problem.

You Can Run Away from Your Problems, Literally!

Finally, we have the option to flee, if and when required! Did one of the kids just disturb the hornet’s nest we discussed? Get in your caravan and drive away. Does the place seem too lonely to be a safe camping spot? Drive to the next one, or if that spot is too far away to drive at night, drive for a bit and then park your caravan by the side of the road for the night.

Are There Any Real Dangers of Travelling in a Caravan?

If you stay off the main roads for the most part, and especially during busy office hours, you can pretty much avoid the only issue that caravanners often face; angry commuters behind them! Aside from that, going to camp in a caravan is truly the safest option for families, and if it’s your first trip, you will absolutely love the convenience of having a literal home to rely on!

However, all of that is only true if you make sure that the vehicle is in top shape every time you leave a checkpoint, and especially before you leave your property. The caravan is at the same time, both a vehicle and a home; both of which require regular maintenance.

Be sure to compare caravan insurance quotes before you set off.  Get a comprehensive policy for coverage against damages that your motorhome could sustain on your adventures. Quotezone.co.uk is a useful tool to use for this, because it will help you get quotes from a wide range of different insurance providers, making it more likely that you’ll find a good policy at a fair price.

In order to truly enjoy a camping experience, it’s best if you leave the caravan in a good spot and pitch a tent nearby, but it’s just the added safety of having those strong walls, roof, wheels and even a soft bed to rely on, that makes camping in a caravan ideal for families.

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