Easy Living & Gator Balls 8

Easy Living & Gator Balls

The first leg of my February Fun trip started in Florida. Erin and I arrived in Orlando and were greeted by Mr. and Mrs. P and their new friend Tom…Tom being their new GPS which their kids got them for Christmas. Tom was supposed to ease the tension of driving in the south however I’m not convinced of this. Poor Tom took some pretty heavy verbal abuse the whole drive from Orlando to good old Saddlebag Lake retirement complex. Poor Tom.

Easy living for the next few days as we relaxed in the sun, ate some chili and played yuker. Retirement is great. The highlight of Florida for me had to be the gator. Not only did we go and see some gators in the wild, we fed some gators and even ate some gators. Gator balls to be exact. Guess you can say it was a gator filled good ol’time in Florida…or at least if you like saying the word ‘gator balls’ as much as I do…gator balls! gator balls! gator balls!

Taking a tour on a fan boat was really neat. Was amazed at how smooth those things are, even over land.

On Erin’s birthday we headed into Tampa as our flight to Vegas left from there the next day. We celebrated in Clearwater over crab and mini put. (For some reason we can’t escape Florida without playing mini put…or going to Wal-mart.) Somewhere in there Erin mooned the gulf of Mexico on a dare. Who else can say they have done that on there 27th birthday? Oh to be young and reckless again.

Vegas up next…












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