Fun things to experience in Houston

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Are you eager to get to Houston and explore the incredible things this thriving city can offer you? Read on for this list of fun things to experience in Houston!

If you’re visiting The Bayou City to view real estate opportunities, innovative real estate brokers like are here to help guide you towards making the best decisions possible. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, here are some of the most fun and memorable things to experience in Houston. 

The Space Center Houston 

Did you know that Houston has been the setting for some of the earth’s most incredible achievements in space exploration? There are places where you can experience the wonders of the universe from the point of view of an astronaut. The Space Center Houston is a celebration of humankind’s achievements in aerospace, with shuttles, walk-throughs, moon rocks, and more!


The multi-cultural melting pot of Houston brings visitors and residents alike to the culinary delights of Chinatown. Shops, goods, ingredients, and dishes from all over Asia are within reach of your tastebuds, while the bustle of the local food markets will give you that authentic travel experience feel. Chinatown is a vast area to explore. And nothing helps to burn off a delicious feast quite like a walk around the surrounding ponds and gardens. 

The Houston Museum of Natural Science 

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is a great place to inspire the minds of learners in every age group. Planetariums, insect sanctuaries, butterfly conservation areas, and dinosaur displays are set out with interesting facts to keep children engaged, while curious adults will find plenty to discover as well. 

James Turrell’s Twilight Epiphany Skyspace

A favourite with residents, this light show uses natural light to create LED-inspired sequences. The results are an impressive array of colours projected through an innovative glass pyramid structure. 

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston 

This museum in the heart of Houston offers visitors a veritable feast for the senses. It provides art lovers with tare sculptures from the farthest regions of the earth to early Renaissance work that’s instantly recognizable. 

Outside of the museum sit local food trucks and cocktail bars, while the sculpture garden offers visitors the chance to truly immerse themselves in the area’s most challenging and emotionally inspiring art. 


Houston’s largest water park has over 40 acres of water-based fun! A range of slides, rides, pools, and more await you at this adventurer’s paradise. Famous for The Tornado, a whopping 75-foot-tall structure full of insane twists and turns, no trip to The Bayou City is complete without a visit to SplashTown. 

The Downtown Aquarium 

If you prefer your water-based adventures to be a little less extreme, this is for you. This huge complex contains an incredible 500, 000 gallons of water in which hundreds of exotic animals can be observed. The aquarium also has some fun and safe rides for younger visitors, as well as a range of dining options to make your day out a little extra special. 

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