Fun Facts & History of Singapore

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Singapore is one of the most amazing countries around the world. It captures the attention of every tourist with its futuristic facade. The city-state looks like a snap from a Sci-fi movie, and it is astonishing.

There is so much more to learn about Singapore. You could learn a lot about Singapore’s history and fun facts. It could help you decide on family activity ideas to do while visiting Singapore. Learn more about the facts and history of Singapore and dive into beautiful secrets of this wondrous city-state.

The city’s history holds many secrets. You probably learned the basic facts about the city. Basic information and demographics are not what we are going to talk about in this article. You can grab a book and read about these boring facts, but you can stay here and learn more about some fun and historical facts about this city.

These facts go beyond every book that you had in your Geography or History class. These facts give you an image of how interesting and unusual can simple things be.

The Mistake of the City’s founder

Singapore (Singapura) is Sanskrit for lion city. The city was named to honour the lion that the founder saw when he found himself on the island.

Everyone knows this story. Sang Nila Utama, the prince of Srivijaya was on a ship stranded on the island. The prince found himself surrounded by a massive cat and assumed it was a lion. That’s where the name comes from.

Maybe they were carrying the lion on board, or somehow it flew all over to the island. The thing is that the island was inhabited by Malayan tigers then and there was no way for a lion to be there.

Singapore and Singaporean people are often mistaken in Malaysia and Malaysian people

Singapore is often mistakenly thought to be a part of China or Malaysia. It became a funny fact for natives.

Historically, Singapore was part of Malaysia until August of 1965, when they gained the independence (They gained independence by force, this is another

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