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Traveler’s Roots is a motivational eBooks that is aimed to help cubicle daydreamers stop the procrastination, evade the evasions, and start the fun. It is about how travel can open doors if you let it and how to accept it when it does. Work your way through getting in the right mindset for world travel to tips on how to save up and how to make the absolute most of your time away.

Become Your Asshole Friends

Don’t you hate it when your “friends” post annoying Facebook updates and photos from their latest worldly adventure? Secretly and not so deep down, don’t you secretly wish you were them? Hate no more friend. Read on.

We all have friends that have packed up their lives and chose to travel around the world. They have taken a GAP year, a walkabout, became a vagabond or a globetrotter. No matter the term used, they are the ones living and you are the one stuck hearing about it. You know what I mean by this. They are the jerks that post annoying Facebook status updates like “Having a great time in Kyoto!” or “Just witnessed the most beautiful sunset from my tent on Cape Leveque. Loving life!” Barf. They are also the assholes that post pictures of themselves riding a camel in the Sahara or feeding a baby white tiger in Bali. Give me a break right? Our natural reaction might be annoyance but not so deep down, don’t you secretly wish you were that asshole? Don’t you want to feed a baby white tiger in Bali?“Well yes, but I couldn’t leave my job. I’m far too important.”

You can and no, you’re not.

“Well, I don’t make enough money to travel like that.”

You do. It’s cheaper than you think.

“What about my overweight, diabetic cat? I can’t leave her”

There are options. There are always options.

        – Traveler’s Roots

Stop making excuses. Read this book. Feed a baby white tiger in Bali.

Here’s How

I am very pleased to announce that “Traveler’s Roots” is now available for download through Amazon.com. You can get your copy  here! In doing so you are supporting what I do and helping me help others. Don’t that feel great!

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