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Have you heard about someone suffering from food poisoning while on a trip? About 1 in 6 Americans are estimated to get sick yearly from food-related illnesses. However, you don’t need to worry, as you can take some precautions to avoid such an experience. You can keep yourself safe by practising good personal hygiene while making well-informed decisions about what you eat and drink. Here are some essential food safety tips to keep in mind when travelling.

Go for piping hot foods

It’s best to stay nourished with good food throughout your travels. Although there are several dishes you can explore, you still need to be mindful of what you consume. Choosing hot meals is advisable because they are less likely to have germs due to the heat. Food that has been prepared and served hot is usually safe to consume. However, beware of prepared food that has been kept for too long and is too cold. Keep in mind that food left outside may become contaminated. Don’t hesitate to ask the restaurant or food vendor to reheat your dish.

Choose restaurants that are well patronized and popular for their local food.

A great indicator of whether food is safe to consume is if the vendor has a lot of traffic. When many patronize their meals, it usually suggests that you can trust the vendor and the food. If you’re a tourist unfamiliar with the area, you can use the volume of customers at a local restaurant as a guide for choosing wholesome and secure meals. You can research the best food spots in the area you’re visiting beforehand to know what you’re looking for and the options available to you. 

Stick to bottled water as much as possible

When you travel, your experience differs from when you are at home. As a result, even if you are used to drinking tap water at home, it’s safer to go for bottled water when you’re in unfamiliar territory. It is advisable because they are usually safe to consume due to their general purity. Additionally, if in some instances you can avoid ice cubes in your drink, try to, as they may have frozen some of these cubes from pipe water, of which you may not know the source. Remember to go for sealed bottles only, as they guarantee a much higher level of safety and less risk of contamination.

Refrain from eating raw foods

It can be hard to resist the temptation to taste every dish you encounter during your trip, as these dishes form part of your travel adventure. However, it’s best to refrain from eating raw food as it could house bacteria and pathogens that might cause dangerous diseases. Ensure that these meals are thoroughly cooked to reduce the risk of food poisoning. When you take such precautions, you can enjoy whichever dish you prefer, Mediterranean food or any other cuisine.

Always remember, a healthy you is dependent on what you eat and drink. The tips above will help you stay safe throughout your trip while enjoying some memorable dishes without worrying about your health.

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  1. Avatarsays: Carola Jain

    When traveling, bottled water goes a long way, as you detailed here. Not only does it help with hydration but you won’t have to worry about water quality wherever you go.

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