Following the Steps of Celebrities Who Visited Cuba

Cuba is an amazing destination for your next vacation. It has a great deal to offer to tourists. In fact, it’s a beloved retreat for many celebrities. Famous people come to the island all the time and you can follow their footsteps while on your personal Cuban tour. Read on and follow in the steps of celebrities who visited Cuba.

Top 7 Hottest Places & Activities Associated with Visiting Celebrities in Cuba

La Colmenita

Fans of Katy Perry will want to visit La Colmenita. It’s a children’s music and theater group, which made a huge impression on the star. And it’s not a surprise because you’ll be hard pressed to see a more passionate performance anywhere else.

Come here to enjoy fantastic music and plays that will charge you with positive energy. But most importantly, come here to admire children who make you believe that there is a brighter future ahead of us.

La Guarida

La Guarida is one of the top restaurants in Cuba and since 2013 its name has gotten bigger. Back then, it was this place that Beyonce and Jay Z visited Cuba to celebrate their fifth anniversary. This particular restaurant has also been visited by Bon Jovi, Rihanna, and many other celebrities who come to the island.

They say that Jay Z and Beyonce walked through Old Havana first when celebrating their anniversary, so you can also start your fan’s journey with free walking tours in Havana. Then, enjoy one of the most delicious meals in the whole of Cuba. End the day by watching the sea at sunset.

Partagas Lounge

Learn how to roll cigars at Partagas Loungeas Usher and Ludacris did when celebrating the latter’s birthday. According to their Instagram accounts, they both enjoyed the experience immensely.

The perfect warm-up for this is a ride on one of Cuba’s vintage cars. Enjoy a leisurely ride through Old Havana so you can admire the views.

International Habano Cigar Festival

The International Habano Cigar Festival attracts a great number of people from all over the world. This isn’t a surprise considering the global popularity of Cuban cigars. Among those who come to visit the island for this festival in particular are Naomi Campbell and Perris Hilton.

Both women loved Cuba and vintage cars as well, so there might be some subconscious thought process linking the two.

The many sites honoring the memory of Che Guevara

Che Guevara can be considered a celebrity all on his own, and his status as such is cemented by The Motorcycle Diaries, a movie by Robert Redford, who came to Cuba to personally present it to Che Guevara’s remaining family.

A visit to Cuba cannot be complete without seeing at least a few landmarks of the Cuban Revolution and Che Guevara, who was one of the leaders of said revolution.

Havana Bay

If you love Fast and Furious, you already know exactly which scene in the 8thmovie has to do with the beautiful Havana Bay. However, you shouldn’t try to repeat that trick with throwing a car into the sea. Instead, come here to admire the spectacular view.

Better yet, come here after a ride through the island. Note that you shouldn’t let your inner racer out in Cuba. The locals are quite temperamental drivers and to be safe, you should obey the traffic rules and keep your distance from every other vehicle you encounter on the road.

International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day is a festival that is sure to make every fan of jazz fall in love. It certainly did so to Will Smith, who came to the concert in 2017. The famous actor was very open in his praise of both the event and Cuba itself.

The festival is also regularly attended by many legends from the world of modern jazz.

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