FlightHub’s Top High Tech Accessories For Making Your Trip Easier

FlightHub’s Top High Tech Accessories For Making Your Trip Easier 4

FlightHub’s Top High Tech Accessories For Making Your Trip Easier

While many go on vacation to unplug and unwind, high tech travel accessories are becoming more and more common as people learn they don’t need to leave their devices at home to have a good time. While time away from both the physical and digital world is still worthwhile, FlightHub, an online travel agency, has seen the rise of these types of accessories. When I asked that FlightHub review some of their favourite accessories for making your trip easier they were eager to tell me about their personal picks.

Airport Express

Maybe not the newest or hottest accessory on this accessories for making your trip easier list, sometimes function just wins out. The Airport Express from Apple turns any useless Ethernet cable into a private WiFi network. This can come especially in handy when you are at hotels with pay-per-hour WiFi or catastrophically short ethernet cables. Once plugged in you can setup your own private network and get surfing.

Accessories For Making Your Trip Easier

Bluesmart Carry-On

Now to something brand new, the Bluesmart Carry-On is one smart bag. This company has created an app that communicates via Bluetooth with your luggage. So what can you do? Well, you can lock your bag remotely. That’s cool I guess. What has FlightHub excited is the fact you can actually track your bags physical location and receive proximity alerts when your bag gets a certain distance away from you. Pretty dang cool.

Accessories For Making Your Trip Easier

Anker Portable Solar Charger

A charger without limits, the Anker Portable Solar Charger is perfect for the outdoorsman who wants to get into the deep woods but still has power requirements. For those who are taking it less seriously, this charger is great to bring to the beach, especially considering you are probably only hitting up the beach when its sunny out. Available for one or two devices, its smart technology allows it to determine what kind of device it is charging to prioritize power distribution.

Karma WiFi Hot Spot

Looking for a WiFi spot. Why not just make your own? The Karma WiFi Hot Spot and its associated service make internet possible anywhere. As a service, you are able to pre-purchase gigabytes of data and bank it. This device, which connects to the internet no matter where you are then releases it to you at a rate of $14 per gigabyte. Not the cheapest alternative, but network connectivity anywhere is worth it for some.

Intel HDMI Compute Stick

Now, this kinda blew my mind when FlightHub told me about it. While it looks like a jump drive, the Intel HDMI Compute Stick is actually a whole computer. Connecting to any television with an HDMI port, you simply need to connect via bluetooth with your keyboard and mouse and you have a fully functioning computer running Windows 10 at your disposal. While various configurations are available, don’t expect pro performance, but for checking emails or sending out a few Facebook messages it’ll do the trick and then some.

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