Fiddler's Stag 1

With little time to recover from my rather exhausting/rather fun weekend (Did I mention I went straight to work after driving through the night from Detroit to Toronto to catch my flight??) I was tasked with hosting my friend Jason’s stag party. No rest for the wicked?

The party was rather tame as far as stags go. There was around 12 guys, poker, video games and enough booze to cater a Wood’s wedding. The bride’s brother Jo was kind enough to pick up booze. Not sure what to expect, he went to town and spent over $300 on beer, hard liquor, Red Bull, and mix. Add to that the fact that he didn’t tell other people showing up that he was supplying booze and you’ve got one heck of a party. Even in my Jackdicky days my fridge has never been that full. We didn’t even put a dent into it. We tried but barley scratched the surface. In the process Jason managed to throw up several before even leaving my place.


We went to a bar on Whyte av to meet up with the stagette party. It was a good 45 min before Jo & Ivan showed up with the inebriated groom whom was now a proud owner of a Jay walking ticket. Once on Whyte Jo and Ivan had to wait for Jason to compose himself enough to be in public. This involved him throwing up on his own lap. Class act. When he was finally out of the car and able to walk (with the assistance of Jo) they headed to the bar. “You OK to go in now?” Jo said to Jason to which he nodded yes. As soon as Jo lifted his arm away Jason for some reason, took off running. Thus the Jay walking ticket.

The Jager bomb infused night went on till bar close. It was fun and great to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in awhile. Now what to do with all that left over booze??




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