What Happens If I Fall In Love With A New Place? Tips For Relocating

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If you love to travel, you’ll know what it’s like to instantly fall in love with a new place. You step off the plane or train and just instantly feel at home. The sights, smells, and people feel immediately intoxicating; you just want to stay forever in this blissful place that you barely even know yet. 

However, not many people have experienced the sensation of falling in love with a place so hard that you want to move there permanently. Most travel enthusiasts have their favourite spots around the globe that they love to visit, but rarely do they uproot their lives in order to move there for good.

If this has happened to you recently, never fear. In this post, you’ll find tips for relocating – plus advice for figuring out whether relocating is really the right thing for you. 

Do you really want to relocate? How to figure out where you want to live…

We all know the feeling of not wanting to leave our favourite holiday location. You’re lying on the beach, thinking, “Can’t I just stay forever?” – but the truth is, living in a location you usually would visit for vacation has its downsides. Every neighbourhood, city and country in the world has its pitfalls, and the gleaming glory of its good sides will start to melt away if you stay for good.

The truth is: you need to really love a place beyond its aesthetics in order to actually live there happily. This means being engaged with the local culture; enjoying the atmosphere; loving and connecting with the people you meet, and ultimately being committed to the lifestyle this new place would offer you. If you only want to move for the sunshine and sandy beaches, you’ll find yourself disappointed; living in a place happily requires more than good weather and ocean views.

Tips for relocating to a new country

If you do decide to relocate to a brand new country, there are so many logistical matters that need to be sorted first. Applying for a visa, shipping your belongings and finding a place to live in a totally new place can be very time-consuming.

Firstly, it is essential that you hire reputable movers to complete your move. Overseas moving is a whole different ball game to in-country moving; it requires taking your belongings through customs, and liaising with local movers in the country itself. A reputable moving company can help you plan and execute this complex international move easily. 

Secondly,  you need to organize your finances in this new overseas location. This means opening a bank account in that country, and beginning to move your money over into a new currency. To do this correctly and smoothly, ensure you contact an international financial advisor. 

Final Thoughts

Falling in love with a place can knock you head over heels, just like falling in love with a person! Make sure you know it’s for real before you uproot your life, and give yourself plenty of time to do the research required for a smooth transition.

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