Eating our way across the globe

Eating our way across the globe 5

Eating Our Way Across the Globe

When I was traveling people often asked me what it was like living in Edmonton to which I always replied, “I don’t know.” I had lived here for almost 7 years and yet it felt like I didn’t know what the city was like. Traveling to great cities all over the world opened my eyes to what other places have however I had always heard that Edmonton has a lot to offer. From this I promised myself to give Edmonton a shot and try and see what living in Edmonton is really like. For one, I have now found many great restaurants and a few good cafes and as Edmonton is known as a festival city, I attend the Heritage festival.

Erin was in town to help take in the festivities which basically consisted of eating food from around the world. Pictured above are the meal tickets we purchased. I am happy to say we ended the day with only 2 left over. It was cool visiting tents from countries we had been to. It brought back many a memory. We feasted on periogies from Poland and Brawutwusrt from Germany. Here Erin is enjoying a massive mango on a stick.

It was a great day an opened my eyes to how diverse Edmonton really is. There was over 60 countries represented which makes the Edmonton heritage festival the largest of its kind.


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