Early retirement – Day 1

Early retirement – Day 1

Its finally here, No work for Shaun for 8.5 months. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous…or prepared. I was scrambling to get things done at work on Friday and will be scrambling to get things done at home all week. It finally sunk in yesterday how much there is left to do. I woke up and to a walk around the house. It felt like everything I laid my eyes on needed work. So what did I do…Fix the sink? Touch up paint? Fix the leaking tub? Clean the garage? No…I played video games on my 90 inch screen…in my underwear. That just makes sense. Productivity kids.
In all fairness, I did replace a cracked toilet so the day was not a complete waste but it comparison to what needs to be done, it felt pretty minor. Lots on the plate today so I will sign off.

A lot of people have asked questions about the renos I have done so I will post pictures soon.


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