Downtime with Flo 2

Did I mention I’m going to New York, New York? I’m off to Iceland on the 22nd with my brother then staying in New York on the way back. The reason I mention this (other than its way cool) is while in my Gander hotel room I was watching the Daily Show when I read “If you will be in New York and are interested in free tickets…” I thought, “New York?” “Tickets?” “Free!”…”Would!” That would be so cool.

I was in no hurry to leave my room cause flo was pissing down pretty hard. I stayed in and watched cartoons in my underwear. If I would have had a bowl of cereal in front of me I would have been 10 years old again.

I finally left the hotel and got drenched dashing to my car. I made it to the museum and really enjoyed it. Gardner was used heavily as a base for flying bombers to England during WWII. This I already knew but I did not know how heavily it was used. They had pictures of hundreds of B-24’s, B-17’s, Lancaster etc..

In more recent time the airfield was used to house numerous airliners during the September 11th attacks. The museum had a great documentary playing on how the people of Gander and Halifax opened up there schools,churches, and homes to feed and shelter the thousands of stranded passengers. It was a very moving film and shows what kind of kindness people are capable of.

After the museum I went for lunch at Tim Horton’s which by the by does not have the best looking women in Canada. Just the type of women that call you “hun” and “luv”…Which is nice. I think my brother was playing a joke on me. He’s probably reading this and having a good laugh.

So there I sat and tried to wait out the storm. It was only 2:00 pm. Not much to do in Gander during a hurricane but there was no place I would have rather been…well thats a lie but it was one of those moments and it was great.

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