The Differences Between Cheap and Value Travel

Travelling is often called an addiction, and it’s one of the better ones to have for sure! However, if you are serious about your wanderlust and not a particularly rich individual, value for your money is key. That said, there are very real differences between cheap and value travel. Proper, comfortable and enjoyable travelling isn’t cheap, although it can be cost-effective.

What is Cheap Traveling?

It may often be used synonymously, but cheap and value-for-money are not exactly the same thing. When someone is looking to travel cheap, they are always on the hunt for the cheapest commuting, lodging and eating options.

It’s never a pleasant experience because the “cheapest” doesn’t come without hefty compromises in key areas. You can get food poisoning, run into trouble in a shady lodge or simply miss half of your day because you chose a cheaper, slower mode of travel than you should have.

What is Value Traveling?

On the other hand, travellers looking to get the best value for their money have a practical budget in mind. They might want to get the best they can within their travelling budget.

They wouldn’t mind extending their budget in a few areas if they feel like it’s worth it, and therein lies the difference. Value travellers often have the best experiences and manage to fit most of their trips within a reasonable budget at the same time. Flexibility is key to enjoying travel and it applies to your budget as well.

Time Vs. Money: It Isn’t Always a Competition

It is common to mistake time and money for opposite resources while travelling. Someone looking to travel cheap may chose choice saving money over time. While in some situations it might be a good idea, it isn’t always so.

To explain the situation, let’s consider the fact that fast boats can be a real time-saver when you are trying to get from Bali to the Gili Islands, but it’s a bit more expensive than the other, slower options.

However, a clever tourist realizes that faster boats from companies like Duck Ferries are more than worth the little bit of extra money. They will get them to their destinations with more time on their hands. More time leads to more enjoyment on the beautiful Gili Islands, which is the prime objective of the vacation here.

Aside from saving time, there are also other benefits such as pickup and drop off, excellent customer service in English, and even the price is actually cheaper than other fast boat providers. Now that is a perfect example of value for money travel.


One would have to say that the cheap traveller doesn’t really have a budget and is simply trying to find the most affordable options possible. It is understandable and may very well be the only option for some of us. Nevertheless, it is often found that by setting a reasonable budget with some lenience, people are able to enjoy each of their trips more.

After all, travelling is about enjoyment and rejuvenation. It shouldn’t be just a rush to check off the list of places to see. Take your time. Travel a little less often if you must, but make sure that you enjoy it. Quality really does take precedence over quantity here.

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