Detour Through Pompeii

Detour Through Pompeii 4

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Detour Through Pompeii

Pompeii was very cool. I thought it was a small village that was destroyed by a volcano but it was actually a city of 20,000. Lots to see. Favorites were the bodies that have been recovered as well as the signs that were used to indicate a brothel was near by. I saw something similar at the Colosseum. Was neat to be walking on the streets that were made 2000 years ago. Again, very cool sights.

2000 year old bar. Holes were to put wine in to stay cool




After leaving our detour through Pompeii we were going to go to Sicily and see some volcanic islands. It would have been very cool but we checked the forecast and it said rain for the next week. Sooooo we hoped on the train to Brindisi were the ferry is to Corfu…Greece. We got to Brindisi to catch a free ferry but it dose not leave till 830 tonight…and is 12 hours long. Wish us luck.


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