Copenhagen Airport SAS CPH Lounge Review

On my last trip to Copenhagen, I gave myself plenty of time on my departure for a SAS CPH lounge review. Turns out due to some unfortunate timing, this wasn’t necessary.

Read on for my SAS CPH lounge review and why it fell short for me.

High Expectations

Copenhagen Airport SAS CPH Lounge Review

When I arrived in Copenhagen I spied the SAS CPH lounge on my way to baggage claim and was impressed by its size. Two floors of pre-flight goodness. With this in mind, I decided to allocate some time to check it. See you in three days.

On my departure I was excited to check out the lounge so was sure to give myself plenty of time. So much so that I passed on stopping at Grød, the high-end porridge eatery I came to love after taking a tour with Foods of Copenhagen.

“Surely they will have great eats at the lounge“

Not so much.

Know your Class

Upon arriving at the SAS CPH lounge I found that it is actually divided by membership status and class and is split into two floors. One floor is for business and premium economy and one for first class and gold status flyers. Suddenly that massive lounge made sense.


The SAS CPH Lounge is located in terminal three of Copenhagen’s Københavns Lufthavne airport. Being the busiest airport in all of Scandinavia, the SAS CPH Lounge sees it share or guests pass through its facility. This again left expectations high.

Food and Drink

Disappointment with the SAS CPH lounge continued with breakfast service. Although a typical Scandinavian breakfast spread of cheese, meat, and porridge is available, the selection was lacking in comparison to other lounges.

Grød it is not.

Copenhagen Airport SAS CPH Lounge Review

This could be due to the fact that the lounge was under construction during my visit resulting in plastic utensils and paper plates.

Copenhagen Airport SAS CPH Lounge Review
Copenhagen Airport SAS CPH Lounge Review

Because I had shown up early for my noon flight I was at the SAS CPH loud during meal change and can report that lunch service wasn’t much better than breakfast – tomato soup, cold pasta salad, and mixed greens. Again, could be due to the kitchen construction.

Copenhagen Airport SAS CPH Lounge Review

Disappointed with the meal service I shifted my attention to “it’s 5’oclock somewhere” breakfast booze. With no bar to be found, I resorted to serve yourself beer and wine. The selection was limited to Carlsberg and two wines on tap with plastic cups to enjoy them from.

On the positive, the plastic cups made for a great Carlsberg to go!


Copenhagen Airport SAS CPH Lounge Review

With plenty of time to kill and not wanting to waste my calorie intake on the food offerings, I explored the lounge.

Like all business class lounges, the SAS CPH lounge has plenty of work spaces as well as comfortable seating areas. Something new to me (and the lounge by the looks of it) was the “relax room,” a quiet space with cosy lounge chairs. I was going to catch a nap in there, however, a very loud cell phone talker with a loud cell phone talking voice said otherwise. It made me want to tap the sign but my Canadian roots held me back.

Copenhagen Airport SAS CPH Lounge Review
Copenhagen Airport SAS CPH Lounge Review

I will need a Second Take

Of all the business class lounges I have been to, this SAS CPH lounge review ranks the lowest. This is partially due to the high expectations I had. I will chalk that up to the ongoing construction during my visit. To be fair, much of the airport was under construction at the time so the end results should be much better.

I guess I will just have to return to see the finished product.

  SAS CPH Lounge Review Good to Know

Includes: Food, drink, and all the porridge you can stomach.
Don’t Miss: Beer to go.

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Copenhagen Airport SAS CPH Lounge Review

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