Cool Gadgets That are Extremely Useful When Traveling Solo

Traveling alone is a great experience if you’re doing it for fun. But other times it’s a work necessity. Either way, you need the right equipment to enjoy yourself and stay safe on the road. That’s why we’ll tell you which are the most awesome gadgets you absolutely need when traveling solo.

Emergency Contact Info Card

This is the first thing we’d recommend you to take, considering your family and friends need to be contacted fast in case of an emergency. So if you’re involved in an accident, that might damage your smartphone, for instance, you need to have all your contacts written and handy for the authorities.

That’s when an emergency contact info card can prove really useful. It’s waterproof, it’s resistant to punctures, and it’s extremely portable. Plus, don’t forget to take all your other paperwork too, especially your ID, passport, etc.


A GPS is helpful to get the right directions, particularly when you’re traveling alone. It’s even more important if you’re taking a trip to a foreign country or a place you’ve never visited before.

It’s easier to use your GPS rather than ask locals for directions. You might forget very detailed instructions, or you might not understand the language/ dialect.

And if you want a truly portable gadget, get a good GPS watch. This is handy and easy to use, plus you can check the time without taking your phone from your pocket.


This can’t be neglected if you don’t have a travel partner. What if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you need to do some repairs, but you don’t have anyone to hold the flashlight for you?

So a headlamp is especially useful when doing two-person jobs, and you need the use of both your hands.

Customized First Aid Kit

Since you’re not taking a first aid kit with medicine and bandages for everyone, you might as well customize it for your own needs. So if you’re prone to certain allergies, you can’t tolerate some medicine or you need specific pills, add these.

You can also personalize your first aid kit depending on where you’re going. For instance, sprained ankles are very common during hiking trips, so you need to pack an ACE bandage that acts like a compression wrap.

Multi-USB travel adapter

You might be traveling a lot for work or fun, in and out of hostels or airports, or maybe you’re traveling hours at a time by bus or in your car. These places don’t have wall sockets to power your gadgets, and hostels don’t have enough for everyone.

That’s when a multi-USB travel adapter proves its worth. It can charge a maximum of four USB devices, like your tablet, smartphone, camera, and GPS. You only need one power socket for that, since it works with clip-on adapters.

The other advantages are its reduced size and weight, low price and the fact that it can be used in more than 150 countries around the world.



What better way to brag about your trip to people who didn’t want to accompany you? Or what better way to keep your loved ones in the loop about the places you’re visiting each day? You need the best outdoor camera.

Unlike the camera you have on your smartphone, this will take better, more professional pictures because it’s designed to work with the light conditions outdoors. And the models today can cover a lot of price ranges, most of them extremely portable and qualitative.

Noise-isolating ear buds

Next up on this list of cool gadgets is the best way to block out your surroundings. Noise-isolating earbuds or headphones will protect you inside your own bubble. They’re better in terms of sound quality than normal earphones, and you can’t hear the noises from the outside world. Plus, they’re light and portable.

Water purifier

You can’t drink the water everywhere you go, and that doesn’t only apply to outdoor trips. Some countries don’t have potable water and you might not always trust the water in your hotel. A water purifier is not just on this list of cool gadgets for fun as it can literally save your life. It’s wise to get one in case you get stranded at a considerable distance from a city or village. It could happen in the case of an accident so you need a reliable piece of equipment to clean the water from a puddle before enjoying a sip.

Satellite phone

Last up on this list of cool gadgets for solo travel is one for those going off the beaten track. A Satellite phone is a necessary gadget in case of an accident or an emergency. If you’re stuck somewhere with little or no phone signal, maybe even injured and with no one else to call for help, you can use a satellite phone. Although these are heavier and bigger than smartphones, they aren’t that low on the portability scale either. If you’re taking a hiking trip alone or going really far from civilization, you need to consider one.

What are your top gadgets?

We’ve talked about all sorts of helpful and cool gadgets here, but we’re curious to know your opinion. Which do you absolutely need when traveling alone? What can you live without? Did we forget something here? Leave us a comment and tell us all about that.

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