Combining Luxury Resort and Addiction Treatment during Vacation

Traveling can enhance recovery from drug addiction. Many people have written about the benefits they enjoy whenever they go on vacations. People from different parts of the world are awed and inspired by the experiences they enjoy whenever they travel. Far-off trips to amazing, magic lands have the power to refresh viewpoints. Meeting new people and hanging out in new places can also renew your perspectives.

Coincidentally, effective recovery from addiction entails changing perspectives. Actually, addiction recovery and vacationing compare in many ways. Metaphorically, travel can be a perfect symbol of the road to life-long recovery. Deciding and committing to drug addiction treatment is essentially packing bags in readiness for a journey to recovery. In this journey, you encounter new people, new ideas, and new places. The most important thing is to stay focused and on course. That’s way, the trip is bound to inspire and energize you.

What is Luxury Rehab?

Luxury rehab is an upscale addiction treatment program that provides upscale or high-quality treatment for addiction. What sets luxury rehabs apart is the fact that they are mostly situated in vacation destinations. They provide high-end amenities, luxe, and posh settings as well as holistic treatment approaches that are better than those offered in standard rehab centers.

Essentially, luxury rehabs are upscale and expensive than standard rehab centers. Nevertheless, they do not limit their programs to celebrities and famous people only. Anybody that can afford the cost of their treatment can be admitted there. The Holistic Sanctuary ( offers a variety of treatments including yoga, meditation, flotation, and energy healing therapy.

It’s however important to note that not all of them accept insurance. Others provide special financing for the patients that can’t pay their full bills immediately. Therefore, find out more about payment options and travel costs then prepare accordingly.

Luxury Resorts that Offer Addiction Treatment

The first step in the process of combining luxury resort and addiction treatment is to know the vacation destinations that provide this experience. Basically, you need to identify the target drug rehab resort (AddictionResource gives more info). Currently, there are many places where you can find these resorts. They include Rancho Mirage in California, Sundance in Utah, Antigua, Malibu in California, and New Canaan in Connecticut.

In these places, you will find some of the world-class luxury resorts that provide addiction treatment to vacationers. Many travelers from different parts of the world head to these resorts to beat addiction while vacationing. The facilities have experienced experts that treat both men and women that are struggling with addiction. Some people travel to these destinations after getting tired of struggling with addiction. Others have tried to beat addiction but relapsed severally. Thus, they need a different approach.

Why Go on a Vacation that Combines Luxury Resort and Addiction Treatment?

Research shows that the environment has a significant impact on drug abuse and subsequent addiction. The immediate surrounding influences exposure and access to the abused, addictive substances. As such, if you have tried to beat addiction but relapsed, changing the environment might be the best solution for you.

Vacationing to a luxury resort that provides addiction treatment enables you to fight addiction in a different environment. You distance yourself from the ordinary, break from daily mundane, and enjoy the amazing experience provided by a refreshing setting. This creates a great, perspective-changing opportunity.

What’s more, a rehab resort has professional staffs that focus on ensuring comfort and satisfaction of vacationers. It also has experienced addiction treatment professionals that know how to treat different types of drug addictions. This combined with the variety of the offered recovery programs makes going on a vacation that combines luxury resort and addiction treatment a reasonable option.

Perhaps, you want to go on vacation but feel worried that it might lead to more drug abuse and get you deeper in addiction. In that case, consider traveling to a luxury resort that offers addiction treatment too. Basically, such a resort is the best place to go on vacation when you don’t want to engage in pleasures that will lead to more addiction and subsequent pain. It gives you a chance to devote your vacation time to transformation and healing. After all, that’s what vacations are supposed to be about.

Facilities of Luxury Rehabs

Luxury rehabs have a higher staff-to-patient ratio. That means patients have a higher chance of getting the one-on-one care and attention required to achieve sobriety. Comfort is important for the recovery process. As such, luxury rehabs provide more comfort to patients. The surroundings, therapeutic services, and staff ensure maximum comfort of patients. But, most importantly, these rehabs feature amenities that enable patients to focus on recovery better.

These include:

  • Swimming pools
  • Sunrooms
  • Saunas
  • Private rooms
  • Fitness rooms

The desirable, beautiful settings of these centers combined with these facilities provide the comfort that you would expect from any luxury resort. What’s more, patients get a chance to engage in the recreational activities they love as they recover from drug addiction.

How Going to a Luxury Resort for Recovery Improves Treatment

Going on a rehab vacation to a resort where you get treatment for addiction gives you a chance to get away from your immediate environment. You avoid trying to beat addiction in ways you have probably tried before. The vacation gives you a chance to fight addiction in a posh setting where upscale services and amenities are provided. A luxury resort is particularly important for anybody that prefers a comfortable and desirable location that resembles an upscale hotel or resort.

Research has shown that achieving recovery entails more than not using the addictive substance. It involves embracing a life were using an addictive substance is not easy. Individuals fail to beat addiction because they try to recover in environments where triggers are still present. Unfortunately, the presence of triggers makes relapsing easier for such individuals.

Additionally, self-care is an important aspect of the recovery process. Without sufficient self-care, you will feel uncomfortable in your skin. This will compel you to seek an escape or a way to reward yourself or relax.

At a luxury rehab center, you get such issues addressed by experts. In addition to undergoing treatment for addiction in a comfortable environment, you also learn to recognize early relapse signs and coping skills. This lowers the possibility of relapse while increasing your chances of success.

The Bottom Line

Though resort recovery solutions may be expensive to some people, they come with numerous benefits. So, if you or a loved one is battling addiction and you can afford the cost of luxury rehab, consider giving it a priority.

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