Hockey Night in Chamonix

Hockey Night in Chamonix 4

Hockey Night in Chamonix

So we didn’t not have much luck in Chamonix. Gondolas were shut down on Sunday because of high winds. I wish I knew how to ski cause we could have done that. Would have been fun…or so I am told. Expensive though.

So with not much to do and a decent hostel booked we hit happy hour…Early. After a few we went searching for a bar that would play the Canada vs Finland game. We ran into some cool Swedes who told us about a bar owned by Canadians. We figured we could not go wrong there. Indeed. We drank for next to nothing. We only caught the last bit of the third but still had a great time. Kind of hard not to have fun when your beer is always full.

We met a couple brits who told us where to go…in a good way. They gave us a ton of ideas on what to see and do. Ibfa here we come.

jon 002

It was hard to leave a bar that was feeding you free beer but it was getting pretty fuzzy. Stumbled to the hostel, made some huge -ass-sandwiches and went to bed.

Of course in the morning we missed the early train out. We ended up in Geneva around 1500.
Nice clean city (except for the dog shit) We made our way to one hostel to find that it was full (you think we would have learned our lessonn) but where able to find a decent one near by. After dropping our packs off we headed out to see the big ass water fountain.Unfortunately by the time we figured out the bus schedule the fountain was off. We worked our way back to the city in search of some cheap eats. Switzerland is freaking pricey. 11 dollars for a kebob and it was off to do laundry…Jons feet smell like sour, sour cream.
(Geneva Harbour)

Bern and Interlaken in the morn…

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